10 Most Confusing Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are usually a great help in getting you to your destination safely. However, the 10 Most Confusing Traffic Signs will have you flip-turned-upside-down in who knows what new direction. These signs are all over the world and I can only imagine the chaos that is caused when a tourist stops in front of one. Get a good laugh at these, but you also might want to keep your eye out next time you’re on your next big road trip.

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  • 73, 29, 601, Which Will it Be? 2 of 11

    This is just a traffic hazard in itself.
    Find out more at South Bay Riders.

  • Just a Little Confused 3 of 11

    You should probably just give up and go straight.
    Find out more at Amusing Planet.

  • One Way 4 of 11

    Not sure what they had in mind when they put up this sign.
    Find out more at Oh Captain.

  • Keep Right 5 of 11

    Or left, you know, whichever floats your boat.
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  • No Signs 6 of 11

    It's a good thing they set up a sign to tell you there are no signs.
    Find out more at WUsa.

  • The Worst Light Ever 7 of 11

    You could be here for a while.
    Photo credit: Richard Gaebler.

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  • Only Way Out 8 of 11

    Guess you aren't going anywhere in a state of emergency.
    Find out more at USA9.

  • Topsy Turvy 9 of 11

    Round, and round, and round she goes.
    Find out more at Huffington Post Photo credit: Donald Haslett.

  • Taking a Trip to Who Knows Where 10 of 11

    Wouldn't want to be in the car with that tourist driver. 
    Photo credit: Heather Cook.

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  • Do You or Don’t You Enter? 11 of 11

    This makes sense nowhere. 
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