5 Stunning National Parks You Didn’t Know Existed

While there are the famous national parks—Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and so on—there are many hidden gems that get easily overlooked. Head to California to climb the crags of an ancient volcano at Pinnacle National Park. Take a boat ride off Key West to visit the Dry Tortugas National Park. Before you head to the big name national parks, take a peek at the 10 Stunning National Parks You Didn’t Know Existed…

  • Pinnacles National Park, California 1 of 6

    Only in January was the stunning Pinnacles National Park signed to be an official national park. Visit it to see the beauty that has formed from an ancient volcano.

    Photo via USA Today.

  • Isle Royale National Park, Michigan 2 of 6

    Visit the untouched Isle Royale National Park surrounded by beautiful Lake Superior. Be among the few that explore this gorgeous wilderness. 

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  • Virgin Islands National Park, United States Virgin Islands 3 of 6

    Take a step into paradise when you visit Virgin Islands National Park. Lay by the beach, hike through the hills, and soak in the warm sun, while relaxing to the sounds of nature around you.

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  • Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida 4 of 6

    Only accessible by boat or seaplane and about 70 miles west of Key West, is the remote Dry Tortugas National Park. If you are a fan of all things marine life, including some of the most stunning coral reefs, this park is for you.

    Photo via National Geographic.

  • National Park of American Samoa 5 of 6

    This 13,500 acre expanse of marine and wildlife beauty is the perfect getaway for scuba divers and nature-lovers alike. Next time you plan to head to Hawaii, consider going even farther south to the National Park of American Samoa.

    Photo via National Geographic.

  • Learn About 5 More National Parks! 6 of 6

    See the next five national parks at Huffington Post!

    Photo via National Geographic.

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