10 Tips for Flying with Baby

Flying with your baby can be a little, how should I say this…nerve-racking. It would be great to bring baby on board and impress all the travelers with a sleeping bundle of joy, but that might not be the case. These 10 tips for flying with baby can help make the whole process a little easier…

  • 10 Tips for Flying with Baby 1 of 11
    10 TIps for Flying with Baby

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  • Pack New Toys 2 of 11

    Bring a few new toys for Baby to play with that he/she has never seen before.

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  • Feed While Taking Off & Landing 3 of 11

    Since babies cannot pop their ears, feeding them can help with the discomfort.

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  • Red-Eye Doesn’t Always Mean Shut-Eye 4 of 11

    While some babies may sleep wonderfully during a red-eye, others can become too excited by the new environment and not sleep at all. Flying during the day through nap time might be your best bet, so they can still get a good sleep at night if they don't conk out.

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  • Baby May Fly Free 5 of 11

    Before you buy your ticket, check to see if your baby (under 2 years) flies for free on the airline for the U.S. domestic flight.

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  • Avoid Layover 6 of 11

    Direct flights can be a lot easier than having to take Baby off the plane and then onto another one.

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  • More Space in Bulkhead 7 of 11

    Try to call ahead of time to get a bulkhead seat. There will be more space for you to put all of Baby's belongings and they may have a bassinet.

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  • Give Yourself Time 8 of 11

    The last feeling you'll want to have, on top of stressing about flying with a baby, is stressing that you won't make your flight on time. 

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  • Warm Chamomile 9 of 11

    If Baby is not into taking milk or formula, a wam bottle of diluted Chamomile tea can help calm them. 

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  • Bring a Baby Carrier 10 of 11
    ergo baby carrier

    There's a chance you will have to do some walking through the aisles with your baby. A baby carrier can definitely help in these situations. 

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  • Make a List 11 of 11

    Write up a list before you leave of all the things you might need on the flight. Check it twice. 

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