10 Tips for Keeping Your Valuables Safe While Traveling

Don’t let a pickpocket ruin your trip by not being prepared. These 10 Tips for Keeping Your Valuables Safe While Traveling will show you easy ways to make sure you’re belongings are in good hands. Learn tips like making photocopies of important travel documents before you leave, and find out creative places to hide your valuables in your hotel.

From the airport security line to a walk to the Louvre, these 10 Tips for Keeping Your Valuables Safe While Traveling will make sure nothing gets in the way of a great trip…

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    10 Tips for keeping Your valuables safe when traveling

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  • Keep Your Belongings On You 2 of 11

    When traveling on public transportation (and pretty much always) keep your important valuables like passports, money, and camera directly on you just in case.
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  • Use the Safety Deposit Box 3 of 11

    Consider putting your valuables in a safety deposit box when you're staying at a hotel.
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  • Carrying Your Own Weight 4 of 11

    Keep in mind when you're packing to pack lightly so that you don't look like you're easy to take from or give someone the chance to offer to help and snag your belongings.
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  • Split Up Your Money 5 of 11

    Don't bring all your money with you when you're leaving for the day. Divide it up in different places so if something happens you still have some left.
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  • Watch Out in Security 6 of 11

    Just because you're in an airport doesn't mean you can't have something taken during the security checkpoint. Always be alert..
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  • Hide Belongings in the Hotel 7 of 11

    For larger valuables, find clever places to hide your valuables like behind the bed or even in the laundry bag just in case someone gets in.
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  • Watch Out for Tricks 8 of 11

    Thieves can often work together and have become very good with their tactics. Avoid getting yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable or remove your belongings so they can easily take them.
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  • Make Copies 9 of 11

    Just in case something happens, make photocopies of your passport, credit cards, ATM cards, and tickets.
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  • Dummy Wallet 10 of 11

    You may want to put together a dummy wallet with just a little bit of cash. If something happens you can always throw that to the thief and run away.
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  • Front or Inside Pockets 11 of 11

    When you're out sightseeing, put your money and most important valuables in your front pocket or inside jacket pocket.
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