10 Travel Pet Peeves & What Not To Do When Traveling

Travellng is something my family and I do quite often both for business and leisure. Having traveled both as a single, a couple and now as a family, we’ve seen our share and experienced all sorts of delays and hiccups, call them travel pet peeves if you will. I’ve always said that you should expect the unexpected, especially when traveling with children! Stranded in an airport alone with a 12 month old baby – check! Weather delays at an airport with three children – check! The screaming baby who won’t stop on a flight, except  that baby is yours – check!

Those situations and experiences were made/broken by people. Individuals such as you and I. The kind gate attendant who goes out of there way to help a family or the dude at the check-in counter who greets you with a smile and a cheerful disposition can make a world of difference. Then there are those who are intolerant and just downright rude. I can pretty much guarantee you’ve experienced at least on of the following situations. The beauty of negativity is that it offers a chance for us to learn and grow.

And now without further adieu, here are the 10 things you should never, ever do when traveling.

  • What You Should Never Do When Traveling 1 of 11

    The top 10 things you should never, ever do before, during or after a flight.

  • Complain 2 of 11

    Complaining about every nitty gritty detail isn't going to get you anywhere, it's just going to make you look obnoxious. Flight delays are out of our control, the pilot's and the flight attendants. Weather happens and just remember that you aren't the only one inconvenienced! 

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  • Blocking the Boarding Line Before Your Group Is Called 3 of 11

    When flying domestic, boarding usually takes place in groups. If you're group has not been called, just take a seat. There is no reason to stand in a long line and block the entryway for other travellers. It's stressful for all parties involved. Sit down, relax and wait your turn. 

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  • Overhead Bin Hogging 4 of 11

    You're allowed one carry-on bag and one small bag. The carry-on belongs in the overhead bin and that other bag belongs underneath your seat. Please be considerate when packing and storing your things. If you have excessive baggage - check it!

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  • Pounding The Touch Screen Instead Of Tapping 5 of 11

    We've all been there. The traveler who pounds the back of the seat to select their entertainment channel or station on the seat's screens. Their called 'touch screens' for a reason. If you tap lightly it will work just as well and you won't be shoving the person sitting ahead of you! 

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  • Excessive Fragrance…Of Any Kind 6 of 11

    I'm a big fan of personal hygiene! Big. Throw on some deodorant before your flight because it really does work wonders! On the flip side, keep the perfume to a minimum or eliminate it completely. Perfumes and fragrances can get to be overwhelming, especially when you're cooped up in a plane for hours. 

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  • Using Your Seatmate as a Pillow 7 of 11

    Traveling is exhausting and can be stressful when transferring connections, but let's keep in mind that everyone has paid for their own seat and invading someone else's space, shoulder or lap (!) is not a good thing. I don't know you, we just met two minutes ago and I really would prefer if you didn't lie on my shoulder. You sit in your seat and I'll sit in mine. 

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  • Complaining About Other Children 8 of 11

    A child is a child. They are unpredictable, get overwhelmed and sometimes they're just downright exhausted, but rolling your eyes and complaining about someone else's child isn't going to help the situation and you're just going to stress out the parents even more. They're doing their best. Believe me, they don't like the screaming either. 

    Sometimes, it can be a good thing to offer your kindness instead. Smiling at a child can work wonders at silencing a cry mid-air. Offering a helping hand to a new mom could make her day. 

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  • Ignoring Your Children 9 of 11

    I'm going to do a 360 here after my previous pet peeve and say that ignoring your children and their needs is not a good idea. Please don't put your headphones on, close your eyes and forget about the child sitting next to you. When your kid kicks someone's seat - stop them. When they pull on the headrests, please enforce some discipline because it isn't fair to the person ahead of you. 

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  • Don’t Be LOUD 10 of 11

    TALKING LOUDLY IS RUDE. You are not the only one on this plane, there are plenty of passengers who may be working, reading or trying to get a bit of shut eye. Take your voices down a few notches and talk quietly. It's only common courtesy. 

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  • Rudeness 11 of 11

    This is such an easy fix. I don't care if you're a flight attendant, a gate attendant or a passenger, turn that frown upside down and smile. Be kind. Always be kind. It could make or break someone's trip. 

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