15 Of The Very Best Passport Covers For Kids

Passport covers for kids. Do you need them? I went back and forth on the subject and opted against them for the first few trips and very quickly regretted it. Passports can easily get lost in deep purses or slip out of your hand in a nanosecond. I’ve had a few close calls juggling all 5 of ours and decided that passport covers were in the best interest of the passport and my sanity.

There are plenty of different passport covers available for adults (watch for our round-up of those in the coming weeks), but what about the kids? I bought matching covers for all three of my children and after dozens of trips they still look like the day I bought them. From Paul Frank for Pan Am (oh yes, they did!) to handmade versions from Etsy, we have rounded up 15 of the best passport covers out there!

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    Click through for 10 passport covers that are ideal for your mini jetsetter.

  • "Pow!" 2 of 15

    Superheros are invincible (for the most part), so why not protect your passport with a cover that visualizes those comic sound effects and sayings we all know and love.

    Price: $12.35 from Patriscorner on Etsy

  • Take me Away! 3 of 15

    "Up, up and away!" A hot air balloon couldn't be more fitting of a symbol for a passport cover. Made from Japanese linen, this adorable cover features a hot air balloon applique that has been created using scraps of brightly colored fabrics. This handmade passport cover is suitable for all passports that are the standard ICAO size (US, Australia, New Zealand, UK). In case you aren't quite sure, the cover measures 5.5 inches x 7.5 inches.

    Price: $22.35 from BeledienHandmade on Etsy

  • Bright Birdies 4 of 15

    It can seem as though passports camouflage themselves as they disappear quite easily thanks to their navy blue exterior. I can'teven count the number of times I was convinced that I lost my passport after digging through my bag in a rush.

    Brightly colored covers are the answer and this yellow birds version is just perfect. It's cloth exterior protects your travel documents from spills and there is room inside for 1 or 2 passports.

    Price: $12.35 from oddsandblobs on Etsy

  • Matryoshka Dolls 5 of 15

    I'm a sucker for matryoshka dolls, which is why my mouse is hovering over the "Add to Cart" button right now on this particular listing. Kokka Russian doll fabric has been used to make this passport cover and the edges are made with a red textured cotton. Open it up to reveal a creamy coffee polka dot cotton print. 

    Price: $19.16 from BeledienHandmade

  • Zoo-rific! 6 of 15

    Vinyl covers are great because they keep your passport safe from water and accidental juice spills. This one is made from heavy duty 12 gauge vinyl, card stock and decorative zoo paper with a myriad of fun animals scattered over the front and back.

    Price: $5.15 from PokeyPassports on Etsy 

  • My Personal Favourite 7 of 15

    These are the covers I bought for my children several years ago. They've accompanied us on numerous trips and still look like new. The covers are hard rather than soft and are made from PVC. They keep your passport safe and secure, while providing an additional sleeve on the left side for receipts and tickets. Highly recommend these and the price can't be beat!

    Price: $5.88 through mid-century73 on eBay

  • The Ultimate Passport Wallet 8 of 15

    My passport cover of choice is actually a passport wallet. I'm a big fan of Tribe's Changi wallet and put a full video review together last year.

    This gorgeous wallet is made from a crocodile embossed leather and offers various compartment dividers for passports, receipts, tickets, credit cards, currencies, boarding passes and other knick knacks. It's available in four rich colors and is a boon for keeping documents and passports organized while on the go. 

    Price: $162.11 from Tribe Bags

  • Hello Kitty 9 of 15

    Hello Kitty never goes out of style. I'm loving this black and pink Hello Kitty case with it's fun embroidery details. The case is made from nylon and measures 4.25" x 6".

    Price: $30.00 from Loungefly

  • Passport Kit 10 of 15

    This is a neat package for kids who are traveling internationally for the first time. An activity booklet, colorful map passport cover and four colour pencils come in this affordable little set.

    Price: $12.99 from Animi Causa

  • Design From Britto 11 of 15

    The infamous Romero Britto designs are becoming more and more popular in the travel sphere. I've seen prints from the artist showcased on everything from luggage and bags to passport covers. The colorful, joyful and cheery graphics make these prints highly appealing!

    Price: $29.99 from Bed, Bath and Beyond

  • Superman Cover 12 of 15

    Superman travels faster than a plane, so it's only fitting that he accompany your little one during his travels!

    Price: £9.99 from Truffle Shuffle

  • Paul Frank Meets Pan Am 13 of 15

    Paul Frank teams up with Pan Am for the "Paul Frank for Pan Am" collection of travel accessories. Whimsical and stylish, these artistic designer cases are great for kids (and adults) of all ages.

    Price: $25.00 through Pan Am

  • Romero Britto Paints Butterflies 14 of 15

    I adore the bright and bold graphic patters on this cover from Brittoâ„¢! There are inside pockets and slots to hold your passport, credit cards and identification. Measures 6.4" x 5.4".

    Price: $29.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Passport Pouch 15 of 15

    Travel pouches are handy accessories to have on hand as they can hold more than one passport at a time and when you aren't traveling you can use them as a change purse or makeup bag. 

    The ones pictured above are available in a wide range of fun and colorful fabrics. They are made from 100% cotton and close with two snaps.

    Price: $16.47 from Maggani1 on Etsy

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