25 Amazingly Designed Airplanes

It’s not every day that you get to soar through the sky on a giant Shamu or Angry Bird. These 25 Amazingly Designed Airplanes have a little extra artistic touch from top to bottom. Fly to Tokyo in the Hello Kitty airplane with an entire in-flight Hello Kitty experience. See the ways old planes have been turned into colorful masterpieces and how Virgin has added a modern touch to their planes.

The next time you head to the airport, keep your eye out for one of the 25 Amazingly Designed Airplanes…

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  • Spy Tigers by Andrew Schoultz 2 of 26

    This is what graffiti artist Andrew Schoultz came up with when asked to paint an airplane for the Bone Yard Project.
    Find out more at Gencept .

  • The Hello Kitty Airplane 3 of 26

    Feast your eyes on the Hello Kitty Airplane by EVA Air. Not only do you get the unique experience of flying on this aircraft, but you also get your own Hello Kitty themed kiosks and a whole in-flight Hello Kitty experience.
    Find out more at Design Boom.

  • Disney on JAL 4 of 26

    If this doesn't get you excited about Disneyland Tokyo on your flight to Japan, I don't know what will.
    Find out more at Airliners.

  • Art on Airplanes 5 of 26

    This colorful airplane was painted by artist Xavier Cortada as part of his Cuban Revolution art project.
    Find out more at Xavier Cortada.

  • Sunshine and Rainbows Airplane 6 of 26

    It would definitely be a surprise to look out the terminal to see this colorful airplane taking you to your destination. 
    Find out more at Flight Global.

  • The Virgin Airlines Rainbow 7 of 26

    Get a spectrum of colors printed on this Virgin Atlantic airplane. 
    Find out more at The Cool Hunter.

  • Park Inn Hotels on Germanwings 8 of 26

    Park Inn Hotels has found a creative way to advertise on the side of this airplane. 
    Find out more at Seattle PI.

  • Seaworld on Southwest 9 of 26

    Here's a whale of a tale you can take back to your friends. 
    Find out more at Ridelust.

  • Pikachu! 10 of 26

    Pokemon is part of the in-flight experience as well with Pokemon themed headrests, flight attendant uniforms, food containers and entertainment.
    Find out more at 

  • 25 Years for Horizon 12 of 26

    Check out the ribbon and confetti paint job on Horizon's 25 year anniversary airplane. 
    Find out more at FL250.

  • Salmon-Thirty-Salmon 13 of 26

    Don't worry if you didn't get a chance to fly Alaska Airlines' "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon" the first time. Alaska has released their plans for "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II," an even larger aircraft that will have a 129-foot king salmon painted on it. 
    Find out more at Seattle PI.

  • Austrian Arlines Celebrating Austrians 14 of 26

    Austrian Airlines has covered their airplane with faces of famous Austrians. Can you pick any of them out? 
    Find out more at Airliners.

  • Kangaroos on Qantas 15 of 26

    Get excited for your trip to Australia by flying this colorful and kangaroo covered airplane.
    Find out more at Jet Photos.

  • The Flying Fish 16 of 26

    Now this is what I call a flying fish. 
    Find out more at Student Handouts.

  • The Angry Birds Airplane 17 of 26

    I don't know how safe I'd feel in an Angry Birds airplane. After all, isn't the goal of the game to crash the bird?
    Find out more at Shopped or Not.

  • Flying 101 18 of 26

    Get your flying 101 lesson with the blueprints covering this airplane.
    Find out more at Seattle PI .

  • Flying Flowers on Malaysia Airlines 19 of 26

    Malaysia Airlines has covered their airplane in beautiful hibiscus.
    Find out more at Oddee.

  • Psychedelic Art on Continental 20 of 26

    This plane was designed by Peter Max, a psychedelic artist from the 1960s in 1996 to add some funk to the traditional Continental design.
    Find out more at Ridelust.

  • Color for Nok Airlines 21 of 26

    Fly in this tropical bird airplane from Nok Airlines.
    Find out more at Ridelust.

  • Geometric Design on Virgin 22 of 26

    Leave it to Virgin to have the most sophisticated and modern design.
    Find out more at The Cool Hunter.

  • Germanwings the Berlin Bearbus 23 of 26

    The "Berlin Bearbus" is a way to fly to Berlin in style.
    Find out more at Flight Global.

  • Phoenix of Metal by HOW & NOSM 24 of 26

    This is what graffiti artist HOW & NOSM came up with when asked to paint an airplane for the Bone Yard Project. Too bad the plane is out of commission, because it would look awesome in the air.
    Find out more at Gencept.

  • The Simpsons on Western United 25 of 26

    Calling all Simpsons fans!
    Find out more at Donstuff.

  • Tinkerbell on Alaska Airlines 26 of 26

    Disneyland celebrated their 50-year anniversary with this magical airplane.
    Find out more at

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