25 Awesome Toys & Games to Take on an Airplane

These 25 awesome toys & games to take on an airplane are great for keeping the kids entertained to make the flight a whole lot smoother. Pack a few toys for the younger ones, like magnetic puzzles, doodling kits, and a cozy plush animal that also doubles as a backpack. For the older ones, there is a great selection of games and crafts they can do right in their seats. Since things can get real snug on a plane, we’ve put together this list so that everyone (even the stranger next to your kids) has an enjoyable flight.

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  • Plush Toy Backpacks 2 of 26
    Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.32.44 PM

    This cuddly plush toy also doubles as a backpack for kids to bring with them. Fill it with extra travel treats to keep them busy on the plane.
    Buy it for $29.99 at Amazon.

  • Spirograph Kit 3 of 26

    Draw out fun spirographs during the flight and pack it all away when it's time to land.
    Buy it for $24.99 at Amazon.

  • Deluxe 10-Piece Magnetic Fishing Game 4 of 26

    This fun take on a puzzle is great for young kids to play with. Flip it over after they're done playing with it to use as a hard surface for drawing pictures.

    Buy it for $9.99 at Amazon.

  • Equestria Girls Doll 5 of 26

    If your child wants to bring a doll along for pretend play on the plane, an Equestria Girl doll might be a great option. These dolls are sturdy enough that you can toss them in a bag and not worry that they will break, plus this one also comes with few accessories that could get lost during the trip. 
    Buy it for $9.99 at Amazon.

  • Travel Activity Desk 6 of 26

    This Desk to Go has pockets for safely storing crayons and markers, along with paper to draw on. The size of this Desk to Go also sits perfectly on top of their tray table.
    Buy it for $12.00 at Amazon.

  • Flip to Win Memory Game 7 of 26

    This pack of memory games has a variety of different topics that can keep you busy for a good portion of the trip. Instead of having a bunch of cards for each topic, you have these single cards with flaps you flip open.  
    Buy it for $12.99 at Amazon.

  • Doodle Pro Travel 8 of 26

    This updated Doodle Pro is ready to go on an adventure. It saves you from having to bring a bunch of paper and pens if you prefer to travel light. 
    Buy it for $13.99 at Amazon.

  • Color Wonder Travel Tote 9 of 26

    The coloring tote is a travel easel that is slender enough to slip right into your carryon. Your little artist can color away and when it's time to pack up, just click everything into place. 
    Buy it for $7.99 at Amazon.

  • Dry Erase Activity Center Travel 10 of 26

    Bring dry erase coloring pages for hours of fun. These washable crayons make it easy to clean up if things get messy in the small plane space. 
    Buy it for $11.22 at Amazon.

  • Airplane Doodle Pad 11 of 26

    This airplane coloring pad fits right into the theme of travel. Give it to the child beforehand to make him/her excited to get ready for this plane trip.
    Buy it for $8.95 at Amazon.

  • Toddler Tote 12 of 26

    Easy to carry, pack, and store with tons of fun shapes and blocks inside. This toddler tote also helps the kids work on educational skills through fun activities.
    Buy it for $12.40 at Amazon.

  • Hangman: Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere Game 13 of 26

    Practice their words and spelling with hangman. This magnetic game easily keeps all the pieces in place and can easily be stored away.
    Buy it for $9.99 at Amazon.

  • Funny Faces Sticker Kit 14 of 26

    Use reusable stickers to make a bunch of wacky faces.
    Buy it for $9.99 at Amazon.

  • Magnetic Pattern Block Kit 15 of 26

    Have endless fun with a magnetic pattern block kit. The kids can use their imaginations to make different scenes and all the pieces stay in one place. Use these as inspiration to create scenes for stories.
    Buy it for $14.99 at Amazon.

  • Rainbow Loom 16 of 26

    The creative child can have fun making these trendy rainbow bracelets. This is a project doesn't require a lot of space, which makes it great for the tight quarters of a plane. 
    Buy it for $12.99 at Amazon.

  • Wikki Stix 17 of 26

    Wikki Stix are great for some non-messy fun. These bendable sticks can be morphed into creative shapes and used over and over again. You can use them to make drawings instead of crayons and markers. 
    Buy it for $7.24 at Amazon.

  • Seuss Travel Cube 18 of 26

    Bring plenty of games with this 4-in-1 game cube. Since the airplane can feel like a scary new experience, these familiar characters can bring a little extra comfort through fun activities. 
    Buy it for $11.64 at Amazon.

  • Magnetic Picture Maker 19 of 26

    Try out a fun toy for a different take on coloring, using magnets to make images on the pages. This is also great for staying mess-free and is slender to fit in your carry-on. 
    Buy it for $12.75 at Amazon.

  • Travel Games: Battleship 20 of 26

    The older kids can have a blast playing Battleship. These fold up packs are also great for tossing into your bag and bringing out when the kids are getting antsy.
    Buy it for $12.88 at Amazon.

  • Santa’s Sleigh Puzzle 21 of 26

    Get your little one excited about Christmas with this big puzzle. The pieces are large enough to easily keep track of and are great for little hands to use. 
    Buy it for $19.99 at Amazon.

  • Ravensburger Mini Mandala Designer Classic 22 of 26

    Mandalas are great for inspiring creativity. They are also intricate enough that they might take a little bit more time and patience to complete than a normal coloring book. The mini size is great for bringing along with you on the trip. 
    Buy it for $9.99 at Amazon.

  • Peel And Press Sticker by Number 23 of 26

    Create enchanting scenes with stickers. This could be a fun and quiet activity to keep the little ones entertained on the trip. 
    Buy it for $10.39 at Amazon.

  • My Jungle Adventure 24 of 26

    The older kids can have fun with stickers too by making these beautiful mosaics by numbers. Everything can get nicely put away in this box at the end of the trip and since it involves stickers, you don't have to worry about pieces falling everywhere during turbulence.  
    Buy it for $24.07 at Amazon.

  • Water Wow Coloring Book 25 of 26

    Just get this pen wet to color and watch the picture come to life. Water stays perfectly contained in this pen and after you are done creating it, you can color it again. This is a fun project for extra long flights so you can let them dry.
    Buy it for $6.99 at Amazon.

  • Kids’ Take-Along Shape Sorter 26 of 26

    This take-along tote has fun blocks for the toddlers to play with and is easy to bring. You can use the extra space to store other toys inside and it's small enough the kids can help carry.  
    Buy it for $19.99 at Amazon.

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