25 Beautiful Bridges of Awe and Wonder

America has a rich history that we can admire through the architecture of our bridges past and present. We can boast some of the longest bridges and appreciate some of the oldest.

Whether they are part of your daily commute or require a road trip, these beautiful bridges will fill you with awe in their construction…

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  • Golden Gate Bridge 2 of 26

    The iconic San Francisco bridge is one of the most recognizable and photographed bridges in the world.
    Check it out at Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Brooklyn Bridge 3 of 26

    Completed in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world until 1903.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

  • Mackinac Bridge, MI 4 of 26

    The world's third longest total suspension bridge connects the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan.
    Check it out at Mackinac Bridge.

  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge, FL 5 of 26

    The modern architecture and the height above the gulf waters makes this bridge a favorite to film car commercials.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

  • George Washington Bridge, NY 6 of 26

    The exposed steel towers of the George Washington bridge is it's most distinctive features.
    Find out more at Uptown Collective.

  • Navajo Bridge, UT/AZ 7 of 26

    The Navajo crosses the Colorado River connecting Utah with Arizona.
    Spotted at National Park Service.

  • Oakland Bay Bridge, CA 8 of 26

    Another beautiful San Francisco bridge constructed in the 1930s.
    Find out more at Bay Bridge.

  • Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, TX 9 of 26

    The bridge has a 40 story arch that can be seen several miles away and in the opening credits of the TV show Dallas.
    Find out more at Dallas News.

  • Hell’s Gate Bridge, NY 10 of 26
    The steel arched bridge is considered to be New York's most durable bridge. Find out more at Wikipedia.
  • Miles Glacier Bridge, AK 11 of 26

    Built in the early 1900s by J.P. Morgan, this bridge transported nearly $200 million worth of copper.
    Find out more at Copper River Country.

  • Bridge of Lions, FL 12 of 26

    The ambiance of this bridge is only enhanced by the old town St. Augustine that it services.
    Find out more at Britannica.

  • Cutler-Donahoe Covered Bridge, IA 13 of 26

    The covered bridge in Madison County was built in 1871.
    Find out more at Bridge Hunter.

  • New River Gorge Bridge, WV 14 of 26

    The construction of the bridge cut travel time between the gorges from 45 minutes to 45 seconds.
    Find out more at National Park Service.

  • Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, NY 15 of 26

    The bridge is the 2nd longest suspension bridge in the world.
    Find out more at Empire Guides.

  • Bayonne Bridge, NJ 16 of 26

    The Bayonne is the 5th largest steel arch bridge and connects New York with New Jersey.
    Find out more at New Jersey.

  • Astoria-Megler Bridge, OR 17 of 26

    It's the longest truss bridge in North America.
    Find out more at City Data.

  • Cherry Creek Bridge, CO 18 of 26

    This gorgeous concrete bridge is in Castlewood Canyon State Park.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

  • Bridgeport Bridge, CA 19 of 26

    Built in 1862 from wood this covered bridge is a historic beauty.
    Find out more at Nevada County.

  • Elkader Keystone, IA 20 of 26

    The Keystone bridge was built with locally quarried limestone in 1889.
    Find out more at Elkader Iowa.

  • Brush Creek Rainbow Bridge, KS 21 of 26

    Located on former Route 66 this beauty now bridges country roads over Brush Creek.
    Find out more at Kansas Travel.

  • Maysville-Aberdeen Bridge, KY 22 of 26

    Kentucky's first cable-stayed bridge spans the Ohio River connecting Kentucky to Ohio.
    Find out more at Cincinnati.

  • Mississippi River Bridge, WI 23 of 26

    Cross the Mississippi River from Wisconsin to Minnesota.
    Find out more at City Data.

  • Acadia Carriage Bridges, ME 24 of 26

    Acadia National Park has carriage bridges throughout because Rockefeller wanted to keep the island automobile free.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

  • New Portland Wire Bridge, ME 25 of 26
    H Joie Crockett Photo - The Wire Bridge in New Portland.

    Completed in 1886 this is the only bridge of its kind still standing in the United States.
    Find out more at Sun Journal.

  • Locust Creek Covered Bridge, MO 26 of 26

    Wooden covered bridge built in 1886 is the longest surviving covered bridge in Missouri.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

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