25 Beautiful Places to See a Real Winter Wonderland

See how the first snowfall can turn a quaint town into a twinkling winter wonderland in these 25 beautiful places. If you’re headed to Europe, check out the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany; it looks like something right out of Narnia. Head to Yellowstone to see snowcapped mountains and winter critters running about.

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  • Jackson, Wyoming 2 of 26

    Head to Jackson, Wyoming for a small town feel during the holidays. Enjoy snow activities outdoors and then curl up inside with a fresh cup of hot chocolate.
    Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Andermatt, Switzerland 3 of 26

    Be encircled by the Alps while you visit this cozy town during the snowy holidays.
    Photo credit: Roland Zumbuhl.

  • Teba, Russia 4 of 26

    Teba, Russia can become blanketed in the most beautiful layer of fresh snow and frost.
    Photo credit: Staselnik.

  • Alaska, United States 5 of 26

    Alaska is known for its peaceful and uncharted territories that become a winter wonderland for a large portion of the year.
    Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Vienna, Austria 6 of 26

    Take a jog through the winter wonderland that is Vienna during the cool winter months.
    Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Helsinki, Finland 7 of 26

    Snow covers gigantic trees in a blanket of white in Helsinki.
    Photo credit: Pollo.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands 8 of 26

    Snow sets perfectly on bikes as they wait for their owners to return in Amsterdam.
    Photo credit Jos van Zetten.

  • Oymyakon, Siberia 9 of 26

    Head to the Arctic Circle to visit a winter wonderland all year round. Today it's a lovely -37 degrees Fahrenheit. 
    Photo Credit Maarten Takens.

  • Grand Haven, Michigan 10 of 26

    Head to the water to see a beautiful sight in Grand Haven, Michigan.
    Photo via Wayne Silver.

  • Boulder, Colorado 11 of 26

    Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or simply taking a walk through this winter wonderland.
    Photo credit:Eddyl.

  • Nanjing, China 12 of 26

    On a snowy day, walk through the forest of Nanjing, China for a moment of solitude.
    Photo credit: Stougard.

  • Yellowstone, United States 13 of 26

    This gorgeous national park becomes a true sight to see once temperatures drop and snow comes rolling in.
    Photo credit: Doug Smith.

  • Sarek, Sweden 14 of 26

    Explore this winter wonderland while enjoying unique activities like ice fishing and a husky sledge.
    Photo credit: Rritvos.

  • Curarrehue, Chile 15 of 26

    Head to this town in the Araucania Region of Chile to stay nestled in the white blanket of winter snow.
    Find out more at Dentren.

  • Bavaria, Germany 16 of 26

    Take in the beauty of the gorgeous Neuschwanstein Castle covered in snow. It is almost right out of a storybook.
    Find out more at Bbb.

  • Jigokudani, Japan 17 of 26

    Mingle with monkeys in the hot springs at this gorgeous place during the winter.
    Photo credit: Yosemite.

  • Whitefish, Montana 18 of 26

    Take in the stunning sights of the Glacier National Park as you sip on hot chocolate in your cozy jammies.
    Photo credit: Mark Wagner.

  • Tallinn, Estonia 19 of 26

    It's hard to even realize that this place is indeed real. Take a trip to a true winter wonderland here.
    Find out more at Zigomar.

  • Yorkshire, England 20 of 26

    What is usually a rich green becomes blanketed in beautiful snow during the winter.
    Find out more at Keith Laverac.

  • Kakslauttanen, Finland 21 of 26

    Stay in a cozy igloo and look up at night to see the beautiful Northern Lights. It doesn't get much better than that.
    Photo credit: Tarja Mitrovic.

  • Whistler, Canada 22 of 26

    Go ice sailing on the freshly fallen snow in Whistler, Canada.
    Photo credit: Thomas Quine.

  • South Central Iceland 23 of 26

    It is the hidden secrets, like these glacier caves, that turn Iceland into a wonderland.
    Photo via Gaianauta.

  • Livigno, Italy 24 of 26

    Hidden in the Alps is the beautiful getaway of Livigno, Italy. It is so highly regarded in the winter that it was awarded the Best European Resort in 2012.
    Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Novo Mesto, Slovenia 25 of 26

    Enjoy the beautiful snowy scenes in Novo Mesto, Slovenia this winter.
    Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Gateshead, England 26 of 26

    Head to the bustling town of Gateshead for a more urban winter wonderland experience and to see the majestic Angel of the North.
    Find out more at Sarah Charlesworth.

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