25 Best Hotel Bathrooms

In many hotels across the world designers have left their artistic fingerprint right there on the pot. Well, maybe not right there, but you get what I mean. Relax in a tub at Atlantis and watch as sixty-thousand types of sea creatures pass you by. You don’t even have to lift a finger when you’re at The Peninsula Tokyo – the fully automatic toilet raises the toilet seat for you and comes complete with seat warmers. Who knew the loo could be so stunning, tech-savvy, and a hot spot for sightseeing…

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  • The Royal Loo 2 of 26
    The Pool House in the United Kingdom welcomes the guests with a loo fit for a king and queen.
    Find out more at Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
  • Getting Lost in Tokyo 3 of 26
    After a day of sightseeing relax in the finest marble bathroom, overlooking the Tokyo skyline.
    Find out more at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo.
  • Poseidon’s Suite 4 of 26
    Enjoy the view of over 60,000 marine animals as you relax in a warm tub at Atlantis in Dubai.
    Find out more at Feedbox.
  • NYC’s Finest 5 of 26
    Relax in a tub right in the middle of your room, overlooking the city.
    Find out more at The Standard Hotel.
  • Tech Savvy Bathroom 6 of 26
    See a toilet with a brain at the Peninsula Tokyo. Seat covers rise as you approach and come with heaters. Simply flip a switch in the tub to adjust lighting and start music.
    Find out more at Concierge.
  • Landscape and Luxury 7 of 26
    The Sextantio Le Grotto Della Civita in Italy, combines the historic landscape with the architecture of their beautiful hotel and bathroom.
    Find out more at Sextantio.
  • Spaceship Shower 8 of 26
    Go into the transparent sphere to shower at this Singapore hotel.
    Find out more at She Knows.
  • Shimmering Glass All Around 9 of 26
    Stay at the Royalton Hotel in New York to experience the shower surrounded by small glass tiles, it's like showering in a raindrop.
    Find out more at MSN.
  • All the Amenities 10 of 26
    There's nothing like having a phone and television, with waterproof remote, in your bathroom.
    Find out more at Travel and Leisure.
  • Lots of Character 11 of 26
    A beautiful room is great, but a stunning bathroom at the Casa de Sierra Nevada in Mexico makes it that much better.
    Find out more at Destination Wedding.
  • Bathroom to Remember 12 of 26
    Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia is all about creating a calming paradise, by providing an open bathroom with stunning view.
    Find out more at Jade Mountain.
  • Luxury Down Under 13 of 26
    Experience full comfort in Australia in the Osprey Pavilion suite. It comes with heated limestone floors and rain shower.
    Find out more at Southern Ocean Lodge.
  • Bathroom with a View 14 of 26
    Take in a gorgeous view as you bathe at Ponta dos Ganchos in Brazil.
    Find out more at Travel and Leisure.
  • Bathing in Elegance 15 of 26
    La Residence's stunning bathroom in South Africa, is almost too beautiful to ever want to leave.
    Find out more at Travel.
  • Peaceful Getaway 16 of 26
    Bathing in this wooden bathtub would definitely top off your trip to Punta Del Este, Uruguay.
    Find out more at Travel.
  • Through the Looking Glass 17 of 26
    At the Hotel on Rivington you can watch NYC pass you by through floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the bathroom.
    Find out more at Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
  • Elephant Swim 18 of 26
    Look up while you're bathing to see an elephant swimming above your head at the Teaching Hotel Chateau Bethlehem in the Netherlands.
    Find out more at Plum Siena.
  • Hidden Gem 19 of 26
    This bathroom might not look very exciting, but it's all about that porcelain paradise right there. You don't have to venture to Singapore for a tech-savvy toilet, this lifts when you walk up to it and has an assortment of water pressures to keep you nice and clean.
    Check out the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles at Hotel Chatter.
  • Bathing in the City 20 of 26
    Be captivated by city lights as you use this beautiful bathroom at the Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai.
    Find out more at Travel and Leisure.
  • Showering in Stones 21 of 26
    You'll surely remember the bathroom in your Natura Cabanas hotel room in the Dominican Republic.
    Find out more at Oyster.
  • Bathing in Art 22 of 26
    Head to Singapore to delve into the freestanding bathtubs surrounded by unique art.
    Find out more at Travel.
  • Waterfall Urinal 23 of 26
    Men are welcomed at the Madonna Inn to an 8-foot waterfall urinal.
    Find out more at She Knows.
  • Cinderella’s Suite 24 of 26
    Stay for a night in Cinderella's suite at Walt Disney World and feel like a princess even in the bathroom.
    Find out more at Hotels.
  • Mexican Getaway 25 of 26
    Stay at the W in Mexico City, to try out this bathroom with hammock and rainforest shower.
    Find out more at Luxurious Mexico.
  • Designers Loo 26 of 26
    At the Ginzan Onsen Fujiya Hotel design is a priority, even in the bathroom .
    Find out more at Lyla and Blue.

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