25 Essentials to Pack for the Kids on Your Winter Vacation

Before you head out on your winter vacation, use this checklist to make sure you don’t forget the essentials. Things like sunscreen and sunglasses aren’t only for summer, for example. You’ll need to be fully stocked with these items when you’re out in the sun playing in the snow. Speaking of cold temperatures, thermal underwear and a pair of wool socks are great for keeping them extra warm. Don’t forget the movies and travel games, too!

I’ve wrangled 25 must-have items to pack for the kids on your next winter vacation. Click through to see them all!

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  • Sunblock 2 of 26

    The sun can be bright, even in the winter months. Be prepared by packing strong sunscreen for the kids!

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  • Snow Suit 3 of 26

    A snowsuit is an easy option that you can throw one your baby's clothes to keep him/her extra warm.

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  • Snack Containers 4 of 26

    Don't forget to pack a whole lot of snacks for the kids to have during your travels. This idea of putting them in a tackle box works great.

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  • Gloves 5 of 26

    Keep their fingers warm on the slopes or when they're playing in the snow with a warm pair of gloves with elastic cuffs to keep the cold out.

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  • Warm Hat 6 of 26

    Pick up an extra warm hat to ensure their heads stay warm in the cold. This one even comes with ear flaps and has fleece lining the inside.

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  • Sunglasses 7 of 26

    Pack an extra strong pair of sunglasses that can handle being tossed in and out of suitcases.

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  • Travel Games 8 of 26

    Don't forget to load up on travel games to keep them busy, especially if you're taking a road trip.

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  • Kids Umbrella 9 of 26

    Keep the kids warm and away from the rain with an umbrella.

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  • Small Toys 10 of 26

    Bring a selection of small toys for the kids to play with. This anchor crinkle toy is one you can even make yourself.

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  • Rain Boots 11 of 26

    A sturdy pair of rain boots, like these Chooka boots, can definitely come in handy for unexpected rainy days. Have the kids wear them on the plane to save room in your suitcase.

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  • Movies 12 of 26

    Stock up on movies, especially ones they haven't seen before, to keep them busy when you're on a long flight.

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  • Toothbrush 13 of 26

    Pack one (or a few) toothbrushes, just in case one goes missing.

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  • Travel Stroller 14 of 26

    Bring along a lightweight travel stroller that you can easily set up, collapse, and stow away.

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  • Pack n’ Play 15 of 26

    No matter where you are staying, a Pack 'n Play makes it easier to get your little ones down when the crib is not nearby.

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  • Lovey 16 of 26

    Coming to a new place can be overwhelming; don't forget to bring your child's lovey along for the adventure.

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  • Swimsuit 17 of 26

    Bring along swimsuits for the kids, just in case there's an indoor pool or hot tub.

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  • Bjorn 18 of 26

    Easily strap your baby in when you're out for a day of sightseeing.

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  • Wipes 19 of 26

    Be prepared with a pack of wipes to clean up messes.

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  • Kids Bug Repellent 20 of 26

    Just in case there are bugs around, you might want bring a safe bug repellent to use on the kids.

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  • First Aid Kit 21 of 26

    Don't forget a travel first aid kit, just in case something goes wrong.

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  • Headphones 22 of 26

    A sturdy pair of headphones are great to have for when the kids are watching movies on a plane. These come with a KidzControl volume limit cable to make sure it doesn't get too loud on their sensitive ears.

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  • Sweats 23 of 26

    Pack a comfy pair of sweats the kids can get cozy in when they get back to the hotel.

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  • Thermal Underwear 24 of 26

    Thermal underwear is great for layering when it's extra cold outside.

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  • Rain Jacket 25 of 26

    Pack a rain jacket that is extra warm and water resistant.

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  • Wool Socks 26 of 26

    A warm pair of wool socks is great for snowy days.

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