25 Fantasy Beds from Around the World

These international beds will have you wanting to stay in your hotel for the entire trip. Look out at the beautiful South Africa landscape from a treehouse bed. Curl up with your loved one on the beach of Bali in a gorgeous canopy directly on the sand. Some beds will have you connecting with nature and ocean views, while others bring old world charm and classic design.

Whichever you prefer, these 25 Fantasy Beds from Around the World will have you pining for a luxurious vacation…

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  • Treetop Bed 2 of 26

    This treehouse bed sits above a game reserve in South Africa.
    Check it out at Lion Sands.

  • Ice Bed 3 of 26

    Stay on a bed of ice in Sweden.
    Find out more at Ice Hotel.

  • Floating Bed 4 of 26

    If a hammock and a boat made a baby, this New Zealand designed bed would the beautiful offspring.
    Check it out at Trend Hunter.

  • Gold Bed 5 of 26

    Sleep in a gold waterbed that's lined with Swarovski crystals.
    Find out more at Millionaire Toys Global.

  • Magnetic Bed 6 of 26

    Magnets and 4 thin wires keep this bed floating in the air.
    Find out more at High T3ch.

  • Open Air 7 of 26

    Sleep in Kenya's open air with Mosquito netting of course.
    Spotted at Loisaba.

  • Dome Views 8 of 26

    Nod off to views of stars in this dome in Chile.
    Find out more at Elqui Domos.

  • Barrel Bed 9 of 26

    This bed is made to look like a wine barrel so indulge yourself.
    Find out more at The Yeatman.

  • Bankok Beauty 10 of 26

    The elegance of this bed is in the details and the bold colors.
    Find out more at Mandarin Oriental.

  • Curacao Details 11 of 26

    A sterling silver four poster bed with ornate details is just what you need to relax.
    Find out more at Kura Hulanda.

  • Water View 12 of 26

    Get a Bora Bora bungalow for a water view from bed.
    Find out more at Four Seasons.

  • Royal Suite 13 of 26

    This bed reads royalty in Dubai.
    Find out more at Jumeirah.

  • Villa la Cupola 14 of 26

    When in Rome, sleep in this gorgeous bed.
    Find out more at Westin Rome.

  • Bed with a View 15 of 26

    Enjoy views of Geneva from the most expensive hotel room.
    Find out more at Hotel President Wilson.

  • Ritz Royalty 16 of 26

    The bed at The Ritz London reads Victorian elegance .
    Find out more at The Ritz.

  • Beachfront Bed 17 of 26

    Have a romantic night on the beach in Bali.
    Find out more at Tugu Hotels.

  • Underwater Wonder 18 of 26

    Forget waterbeds. Sleep under the Indian Ocean
    Find out more at News.

  • Classically Simple 19 of 26

    With gorgeous minimal style, this bed is the epitome of luxurious relaxation.
    Find out more at Viceroy Bali.

  • Sea Views 20 of 26

    Romantic views of the sea in Greece make this balcony bed drool worthy.
    Find out more at Lichnos Beach.

  • Double the Bed 21 of 26

    Take advantage of the indoor and outdoor bed options in Australia.
    Find out more at Hayman.

  • Neutrals in Paris 22 of 26

    White has never looked so glamorous and inviting.
    Find out more at Raphael Hotel.

  • Jetsons Bed 23 of 26

    This high tech bed claims to have it all within reach for the utlimate opportunity to spend a lazy day in bed.
    Find out more at Hotel Chatter.

  • Italian Luxury 24 of 26

    Timeless Italian design all rolled into a cozy bed.
    Find out more at CPP Luxury.

  • Siena Sleep 25 of 26

    Old World charm with gorgeous views and an elegant bed.
    Find out more at Grand Hotel Continental.

  • Island Bed 26 of 26

    Have an entire island at your disposal and enjoy this villa bed.
    Find out more at Villas of Distinction.

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