The 25 Best Places to Volunteer Internationally

See the sights of a beautiful place while also making a difference in the community by trekking to one of these vacation destinations that also offer the opportunity to volunteer. Take on experiences like heading to the stunning countryside of Chile to work with local communities. Live with a family during your trip to see the new place on a more personal level.  There are opportunities all around the world to work with children, families, and communities that are in need of an extra pair of helping hands. Before you book that next trip, consider taking a closer look into how you can enjoy the sunshine in Brazil, the energy of Spain, and the cultures Tanzania, Romania, and more with these wonderful volunteer opportunities.

Here are 25 volunteer travel destinations …

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  • Valea Screzii, Romania 2 of 26

    Head to Eastern Europe for a one-of-a-kind experience at an orphanage. Work with children in a 100% culturally immersed environment. Dates of volunteer work are flexible, so whether you want to stay a week or a few months, you might find you can make a huge difference.  

    Find out more at United Planet

  • Bangkok, Thailand 3 of 26

    Work side by side with locals to address the strain of social resources and the education system in Thailand.

    Find out more at Cross Cultural Solutions

  • Cape Town, South Africa 4 of 26

    Volunteer in South Africa to assist with the growth and development of children, improve the education system, or support those affected by HIV/AIDS.

    Find out more at Cross Cultural Solutions

  • Ecuador 5 of 26

    There are so many opportunities for volunteer work in Quito. You can volunteer to help support English speakers, live in a quiet wildlife reserve in the Amazon, or live and work on a farm.

    Find out more at Go Abroad.

  • Dharamsala, India 6 of 26

    Work closely with the Indian community and learn about local customs and unique traditions — all surrounded by Buddhist monks and close to the Dalai Lama's residence.

    Find out more at Cross Cultural Solutions

  • Guatemala City, Guatemala 7 of 26

    Make a real impact in Guatemala City as you connect with members of the community to improve education and the quality of healthcare.

    Find out more at Cross Cultural Solutions.

  • Tanzania 8 of 26

    Assist with improving the healthcare infrastructure and the orphaned children in Tanzania due to the high number of HIV/AIDS deaths.

    Find out more at United Planet

  • Lima, Peru 9 of 26

    Work alongside the locals to help strengthen community through volunteering with children at medical institutions or at schools.

    Find out more at Cross Cultural Solutions

  • Chile 10 of 26

    Volunteer to help out small communities in this striking and beautiful country. On your downtime, visit the Atacama Desert and the Andes mountains.

    Find out more at United Planet

  • Rabat, Morocco 11 of 26

    Work with the local people to address the city's social issues due to a high rate of unemployment and homeless children.

    Find out more at Cross Cultural Solutions

  • Salvador, Brazil 12 of 26

    Provide quality care to the families in need in Salvador.

    Find out more at Cross Cultural Solutions

  • Volta Region, Ghana 13 of 26

    Learn how you can make a big change in Ghana through volunteering within the communities.

    Find out more at Cross Cultural Solutions

  • Alexandria, Egypt 14 of 26

    Use visual arts to promote intercultural dialogue on this volunteer trip to Egypt.

    Find out more at Go Abroad

  • Barcelona, Spain 15 of 26

    Go to Barcelona, Spain to volunteer on a social enterprise project and receive career development training, all while helping the community.

    Find out more at Global Vision International

  • Jalova, Costa Rica 16 of 26

    Take this opportunity to volunteer for the marine and rainforest conservation in Costa Rica.

    Find out more at Global Vision International

  • Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic 17 of 26

    Provide healthcare in the Dominican Republic through mobile medial clinics and intensive hospital internships.

    Find out more at Volunteers Around the World

  • Fiji Islands, Fiji 18 of 26

    Work on community development projects in the South Pacific with the locals.

    Find out more at Global Vision International

  • Cordoba Province, Argentina 19 of 26

    Head to Cordoba to help out at schools that are struggling to stay afloat due to the economy.

    Find out more at Volunteer HQ

  • Cook Islands 20 of 26

    Do you love teaching? Volunteer for this program and tutor elementary and middle school students.

    Find out more at Global Volunteers

  • Thailand 21 of 26

    If you love children and have always wanted to go to Thailand, this is a great opportunity to work with children and teach english.

    Find out more at Global Vision International

  • Pokhara, Nepal 22 of 26

    Help provide much needed healthcare support in Pokhara, Nepal.

    Find out more at Global Vision International

  • Ubud , Bali 23 of 26

    Teach English in Bali and help the community keep up with the rapidly expanding tourism industry.

    Find out more at Volunteer HQ

  • Yucatan, Mexico 24 of 26

    Interested in child therapy? In this program, you'll work with special needs children using horse therapy, music therapy, and physical therapy.

    Find out more at Global Vision International

  • Xi’an, China 25 of 26

    Help at special needs centers and orphanages in China.

    Find out more at Volunteer HQ

  • Mombasa, Kenya 26 of 26

    Volunteer in Kenya and assist on educational projects for children in the community.

    Find out more at Global Vision International

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