25 Spookiest Places Around the World

We have a spooktacular round-up of the 25 Spookiest Places Around the World that are sure to give you chills and thrills. Take a stroll through The Island of the Dolls in Mexico and see hundreds of dolls and doll body parts hanging from the trees. If you are hoping to see a ghost, book a night in room 408 at the Stanley Hotel, or try to catch a glimpse of Anne Boleyn holding her head in her arms at the Tower of London.

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  • The Island of the Dolls, Mexico 2 of 26

    After Julian Santana Barrera discovered the body of a dead girl in a canal, he began collecting doll parts and dolls which he would hang from the trees on his island to ward off evil spirits.
    Find out more atWe Burbanist.

  • Aokighara, Japan 3 of 26

    This forest is at the base of Mount Fuji and also known as Japan's Haunted Forest of Death and Suicide Forest.
    Find out more at Tofugo.

  • Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana 4 of 26

    Described as one of America's most haunted homes, Myrtles Plantation has a rumored 12 ghosts and 10 murders on the plantation.
    Find out more at Myrtles Plantation.

  • Tower of London, UK 5 of 26

    Take a night tour of the Tower of London next time you're visiting. You might see the ghost of Anne Boleyn carrying around her head around the White Tower.
    Find out more at Historic Royal Places.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia 6 of 26

    As early as the 1940s, officers and inmates reported mysterious visions and eerie experiences. Since abandoned in 1971, reports of ghost sightings have risen.
    Find out more at Eastern State.

  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky 7 of 26

    Visitors to this sanatorium have experienced ghostly voices, shadow people, screams, and more.
    Find out more at The Real Waverly Hills.

  • Paris Catacombs 8 of 26

    The Paris Catacombs hold the bodies of about six million people and extends for 280km under the city. That sounds like a long and very spooky walk.
    Find out more at Catacombes.

  • Togo Voodo Market, Africa 9 of 26

    This Voodoo Market is your one-stop shop for a wide variety of voodoo materials.
    Find out more at BBC News.

  • The North Yungas Road, Bolivia 10 of 26

    Also known as "Death Road" or "El Camino de la Muerte," thousands have died while driving the road.
    Find out more at Dangerous Roads.

  • Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic 11 of 26

    This small chapel contains the remains of up to 70,000 people arranged in a unique artistic decor.
    Find out more at Sedlec Ossuary

  • Toul Sleng, Cambodia 12 of 26

    The Toul Sleng Genocide Museum is formerly the notorious Security Prison 21. Up to 20,000 people were imprisoned, tortured, and murdered here between 1975 and 1979.
    Find out more at Toul Sleng.

  • Poveglia Plague Island, Italy 13 of 26

    This closed island was used as a "plague pit" during the height of the Black Death. It's thought that tens of thousands of people have died here. The doctor who ran the facility reputedly butchered and tortured many of his patients before going mad himself and committing suicide.
    Find out more at Atlas Obscura.

  • The Death Railway, Thailand 14 of 26

    More than 90,000 laborers and 16,000 allied prisoners of war died during the construction of this spooky 258-mile railway. 
    Find out more at Scott Murray.

  • Stanley Hotel, Colorado 15 of 26

    When you book your night at this hotel, request room 418 - the most haunted room in the hotel, where it's believed Lord Dunraven's ghost visits.
    Find out more at Stanley Hotel.

  • Edingburgh Castle, Scotland 16 of 26

    Edinburgh Castle is said to be home to a phantom piper, a headless drummer, and a spectral dog.
    Find out more at Edinburgh Castle.

  • Fengdu Ghost City, China 17 of 26

    Fengdu is a completely abandoned city that's rumored to be a junction point between Earth and the underworld where demons snatch souls.
    Find out more at Love the Epics.

  • The Ridges Mental Health Institution 18 of 26

    This Mental Health Institute is listed as the 13th most haunted place in the world by the British Society for Psychical Research. 
    Find out more at Haunted Athens Ohio.

  • Leap Castle, Ireland 19 of 26

    Leap Castle is rumored to be haunted by a vast number of spirits, including a violent beast known only as the Elemental.
    Find out more at Leap Castle.

  • Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry 20 of 26

    Philadelphia State Hospital was a mental hospital that is said to be haunted by the different patients that were mistreated there.
    Find out more at Opacity.

  • Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, South Korea 21 of 26

    This haunted hospital is famous for being South Korea's third major haunted place.
    Find out more at Seoulistic.

  • Pendle Hill, Lancaster 22 of 26

    In 1612, twelve residents of surrounding areas were accused of witchcraft and all but one was found guilty and killed here. Visit this spooky hill on its most popular tourist night - Halloween.
    Find out more at Visit Lancaster.

  • Bran Castle, Romania 23 of 26

    This spooky castle in Romania is better known for its connection with Vlad the Impaler, AKA Count Dracula.
    Find out more at Bran Castle.

  • Eyam Village, Derbyshire 24 of 26

    When the plague of 1665 came to Eyam, the residents chose to isolate themselves rather than allow the infection to spread to neighboring communities. When you visit this village you might find a few spirits in the Miner's Arms Pub or Eyam Hall.
    Find out more at Eye Plague Village.

  • San Zhi, Taiwan 25 of 26

    This creepy abandoned pod hotel in Taiwan was originally supposed to be a vacation hotel, but construction was shut down after a series of mysterious deaths.
    Find out more at

    Also known as a ghost town, Prypiat was completely deserted after the power plant explosion.
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