25 Sunny Destinations to Ditch the Snow During ‘Ski Week’

Many of the schools around here take the week off, or at least a few extra days off, around President’s Day in February. They call it Ski Week, because it’s just that — a perfect week to go hit the slopes. However, if laying by a relaxing ocean with the warm wind blowing through your hair is more your style, you might want to consider a sunny destination to explore with the family.

Take a vacation to the sunshine-filled, paradise-like island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean, or visit the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Stay local and travel to the warm beaches of Miami, or follow the birds and head south to experience Brazil’s summer. With the busy holiday season behind you, take some time to yourself and leave your work and worries in the cold.

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  • Green Island, Taiwan 2 of 26

    Swim in the salt water hot springs of Green Island, Taiwan.
    Photo credit:vegafish .

  • Maui, Hawaii 3 of 26

    Escape the cold winter by traveling to a beautiful, sunny island in Hawaii.
    Photo credit:Randy son of Robert .

  • Bali 4 of 26

    Put on your swimsuit in mid-winter and take a dip in the warm waters of off Bali.
    Photo credit:Nazir Amin .

  • Symi Island, Greece 5 of 26

    Escape to paradise on this Mediterranean island for a few days.
    Photo credit: Plamen Matanski .

  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico 6 of 26

    Put your snow boots aside and walk on the warm sand in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
    Photo credit:Haakon S. Krohn.

  • Madre de Deus, Bahia, Brazil. 7 of 26

    Leave the winter season behind and fly below the equator into Brazil's summer.
    Photo credit:Samory Santos .

  • Doctor’s Cave Beach, Jamaica 8 of 26

    Escape to the warm, secluded beaches of Jamaica.
    Photo credit:Ezhiki .

  • Sanya, China 9 of 26

    Spend a few days on this stunning sunny island off the coast of China.
    Photo credit:Dale Preston .

  • South Africa 10 of 26

    Hike the beautiful mountains in South Africa.
    Photo credit:Petrusbarbygere .

  • Mahabalipuram, India 11 of 26

    Walk along the beach and view the ancient temples in Mahabalipuram, India.
    Photo credit:Sekhar300 .

  • Bermuda 12 of 26

    Swim in the warm waters off the coast of Bermuda ... just don't get lost into the triangle.
    Photo credit:Mike Oropeza .

  • Newport Beach, CA 13 of 26

    Take a stroll down the pier on Balboa Island.
    Photo credit:D Ramey Logan .

  • Senegal, West Africa 14 of 26

    Take a dip in the warm sea off the coast of Senegal. While you're at it, throw in a safari ride.
    Photo credit:dimworld.

  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia 15 of 26

    Visit the beautiful ancient Buddhist ruins in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
    Photo credit:sam garza .

  • Guatemala 16 of 26

    Spend a warm, relaxing few days down south in Guatemala.
    Photo credit:chensiyuan .

  • Miami, Florida 17 of 26

    Stay local and explore the beautiful beaches of Miami.
    Photo credit: Marc Averette.

  • Canary Islands 18 of 26

    Take a vacation off the coast of Spain and visit the Canary Islands.
    Photo credit:Hansueli Krapf .

  • White Knight Bay, Egypt 19 of 26

    Head to the warm and sunny bays of Egypt. Extend your relaxing vacation and visit the pyramids.
    Photo credit:Marc Ryckaert .

  • Australia 20 of 26

    Travel to the beautiful (and sunny!) metropolitan cities of Australia.
    Photo credit:Lokesh.

  • Great Blue Hole, Belize 21 of 26

    Visit the stunningly beautiful Great Blue Hole during your warm vacation to Belize.
    Photo credit:U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) .

  • Sri Lanka 22 of 26

    Stay warm on the sunny island of Sri Lanka off the coast of India.
    Photo credit:Bernard Gagnon.

  • The Nam Ou at Nong Khiaw, Laos 23 of 26

    Explore all of the beautiful and sunny destinations in Laos.
    Photo credit:Oliver Spalt .

  • Coral Island, Phuket, Thailand 24 of 26

    Escape reality for a little bit of paradise in Thailand.
    Photo credit:Endrjuch .

  • Dominican Republic 25 of 26

    Leave the cold behind, and sip delicious drinks on the beaches of the Dominican Republic.
    Photo credit:Jens Jäpel .

  • Cyprus 26 of 26

    Head to the warm Mediterranean waters on Cyprus.
    Photo credit:Nino Verde .

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