25 Tallest Buildings in the World

With September 11th only a few days away and One World Trade Center (formerly known as the Freedom Tower) only a few months away from completion, there is a flood of emotions and a feeling of new beginnings in the air. The One World Trade Center will stand at 1,776 feet making it the tallest building in the United States and 4th tallest in the world. In honor of this new towering skyscraper, we are sharing the 25 Tallest Buildings in the World. Have you visited, or better yet, been to the top of any of them?

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  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai 2 of 26

    The Burj Khaifa is the tallest building in the world at more than 160 stories. It also holds the record for the tallest free-standing structure and tallest service elevator in the world.
    Find out more at Burj Khaifa.

  • Shanghai Tower, China 3 of 26

    The interior and exterior skins of the Shanghai tower are transparent in this 121 floor structure. It also has the world's fastest elevators.
    Find out more at Arch Daily.

  • Abraj Al Bait, Saudi Arabia 4 of 26

    Commonly referred to as the Mekkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, this 120 floor structure is the 3rd tallest building. It is however the largest clock tower in the world with the largest clock face.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

  • One World Trade Center, New York 5 of 26

    Upon it's completion, New York's Freedom Tower will be the 4th tallest building in the world. At 104 stories, it's the tallest building in the United States.
    Find out more at Architectural Digest.

  • Taipei 101, Taiwan 6 of 26

    Taipei has 101 floors. It was awarded a LEED Platnium certification making it the tallest green building in the world.
    Find out more at Taipei 101.

  • Shanghai World Financial Center, China 7 of 26

    A mere 56 feet shorter than Taipei 101, the Shanghai World Financial Center is 101 stories. It hosts the world's 2nd highest hotel (Park Hyatt) on floors 79-93.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

  • International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong 8 of 26

    Although it has 118 stories which is more than the Freedom Tower (#4), the International Commerce Centre is 188 feet shorter.
    Find out more at Discover Hong Kong.

  • Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia 9 of 26

    Technically these towers take the #8 and #9 spot on the tallest buildings in the world. Both have 88 stories and are 1,483 feet tall. They were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004.
    Find out more at Petronas Twin Towers.

  • Zifeng Tower, China 10 of 26

    The 9th tallest building in the world and China's 3rd tallest is the Zifeng Tower. It has 89 stories and is 1,476 feet tall.
    Find out more at Skyscraper Center.

  • Willis Tower, Chicago 11 of 26

    Formerly known as the Sears Tower, the Willis Tower is 108 stories. It held the record for tallest building in the world from 1973 to 1998.
    Find out more at Willis Tower.

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  • Kingkey 100, China 12 of 26

    At 100 stories high, Kingkey 100 in China is used as both office space and a hotel.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

  • Guangzhou International Finance, China 13 of 26

    The Guangzhou International Finance tower is 103 stories high and used as office space and a Four Seasons Hotel.
    Find out more at GZIFC

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  • Marina 101, Dubai 14 of 26

    Upon completion in 2014, Marina 101 will be 101 stories that house a hotel and residential apartments ranging from 1-3 bedrooms and 8 penthouses.
    Find out more at Skyscraper Center.

  • Trump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago 15 of 26

    Trump originally planned on building the tallest building in the world, but after 9-11 he scaled back his plans. The Trump Hotel is Chicago is 98 stories high and houses retail, hotel, and condos
    Find out more at Trump Hotel Collection.

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  • Jin Mao, China 16 of 26

    The Jin Mao tower stands next to #2 tallest Shanghai World Financial Centre.
    Find out more at Travel China Guide.

  • Princess Tower, Dubai 17 of 26

    At 101 stories high, the Princess Tower is one of the tallest residential towers in the world.
    Find out more at Tameer.

  • Al Hamra Firdous, Kuwait 18 of 26

    Al Hamra tower has 77 stories with 70 floors dedicated to office space. It has a rooftop restaurant and spa.
    Find out more at Arch Daily.

  • International Finance Centre, Hong Kong 19 of 26

    The International Finance Centre consists of 2 skyscrapers that house the IFC mall and the Four Seasons Hong Kong.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

  • 23 Marina, Dubai 20 of 26

    23 Marina is 90 stories high. It was the tallest residential building until #16 Princess Tower which will be surpassed by #13 Marina 101 both also in Dubai. 23 Marina was 79 percent sold before construction began.
    Find out more at Skyscraper Center.

  • CITIC Plaza, China 21 of 26

    The CITIC Plaza can boast being the tallest concrete building in the world at 1,283 feet.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

  • Shun Hing Square, China 22 of 26

    Shun Hing Square was the tallest building in China until #20 CITIC Plaza was completed in 1997.
    Find out more at Emporis.

  • Central Market Project, Abu Dhabi 23 of 26

    The Central Market Project is 3 skyscrapers that are schedule to complete in 2014. The tallest will be a residential building while the other 2 will be an office and hotel space.
    Find out more at Yas Island.

  • Empire State Building, New York 24 of 26

    The art deco structure of the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the World from 1931 to 1972 when the World Trade Centers were completed.
    Find out more at Empire State Building.

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  • Elite Residence, Dubai 25 of 26

    A residential condo skyscraper in Dubai with 695 apartments. 15 floors are dedicated to amenities such as pool, gym, spa, reception area, and health clubs.
    Find out more at Elite Residence.

  • Tuntex Sky Tower, Taiwan 26 of 26

    Formerly the tallest tower in Taiwan until the completion of #5 Taipei 101. It is used for both residential and office space with a department store and hotel.
    Find out more at Wikipedia.

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