25 Travel Resolutions for 2014

While you’re jotting down your resolutions for the new year, don’t forget to add a few in just for travel. Perhaps there’s a passport that needs to be updated, an exotic trip to be booked, or a girls’ weekend getaway that has been put off for far too long. I know there are quite a few of these that are a must for my resolutions list.

If you’re feeling the smallest inkling to break out of your travel shell, now is the time. Challenge yourself to a new and thrilling experience you would normally be too terrified to try. Who knows? You might love it.

Get inspired to see the world with the 25 Travel Resolutions for 2014…

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  • Update Your Passport 2 of 26

    Make it a point to update your passport sooner rather than later. This is definitely not something you want to put off until last minute trust me -- been there, done that. 
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  • Start a Vacation Fund 3 of 26

    Set aside a special jar just for vacations. You can decide a specific amount to contribute monthly or just throw in all your spare change. A jar just like this one would be perfect. We started filling ours up last year and love watching the amount grow little by little.
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  • Subscribe to a Travel Magazine 4 of 26

    I am guilty of getting wrapped up in travel magazines every time I go to get my hair done. Getting a subscription would surely give me wanderlust on a daily basis. Pick a magazine such as Travel and Leisure or National Geographic Traveler and get lost in it.
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  • Start a Dream Travel Board 5 of 26

    The world is your oyster when it comes to Pinterest. Start pinning all the travel you have ever dreamed of.  I like to be inspired to take trips to new places by looking up beautiful photos first. There are also great tips on Pinterest for packing and city guides to check out. 
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  • Buy Bright and Good Quality Suitcases 6 of 26

    Having good, sturdy luggage is very important when it comes to travel. I can remember having a suitcase when I was younger that I bought at a little market for cheap, and it came through baggage claim completely burst open. Look for a suitcase that stands out and can easily be seen on the conveyor belt. This suitcase is perfect.
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  • Get a Globe for the Home 7 of 26

    My husband just bought me a new globe for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. Let your children explore it and pick where they want to visit. Also put dots on the places you have already visited. See how fast the globe fills up.
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Girls’ Weekend 8 of 26

    Do something fun with just the girls at least once or twice a year. This is from my trip to Italy with my best friend, Jacinda. We had been putting this much-needed trip off for far too long.
    Check out our Get Rich Quick video for a girls' weekend guide on Youtube.

  • Family Camping Trip 9 of 26

    Who said vacations have to cost a lot? Throw camping goods in the car and head out for a great time. This tent is a perfect size to accommodate a family. I wish we had had such a convenient tent like this when I was a kid. Although they're big, these tents are super easy to put up.
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  • Do Something for a Thrill 10 of 26

    On this year's trip, get out of your comfort zone and be wild. Go white water river rafting, bungee jumping, or do something that really scares you. You might end up loving what you once were terrified of.  Last year I jumped into a gorge in South Africa and couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. If you had asked me two years ago if I would have ever attempted it, I think I would have said a big, heck no!
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Ditch the Itinerary 11 of 26

    Just go and explore. No research, no planning, no set schedules. Sometimes the best trips are the last-minute, unplanned ones. This is a type of travel that my husband and I have started to adopt a lot more lately. We have had some wonderfully unexpected surprises that probably wouldn't have happened if we had adhered ourselves to an exact schedule.
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  • Volunteer Travel 12 of 26

    Travel is not only about the personal experience, but is a chance to make a difference . Get in touch with organizations like Habitat for Humanity. This is also a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and see their everyday life. This will definitely be on my list of resolutions this year. I've traveled a lot, but an experience like this would surely be like no other.
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  • Take Better Photos 13 of 26

    Take some classes or watch a video on photography to perfect your skills. A camera like this might be a great asset on a trip. My brother is a photographer and has captured some of the most beautiful scenes on his trip. I'm resolving to master my camera and learn all the settings to be able to take my photos to the next level.
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  • Explore Your Own Surroundings 14 of 26

    Take a mini adventure and explore the surroundings of your own town. This can be a nice, cheap trip. You might even find some hidden gems you didn't know about. My family and I love to do this around LA. Even though I've grown up here, it's very exciting to see a new corner that I may have missed.
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Learn the History of a Place 15 of 26

    Instead of reading travel books, pick up a book on the history of your destination. I traveled to South Africa last year and was completely in awe by all the history that made that country. It would be great to read up more on it and then go back with a fresh, new look. Travel guides can also feel distant sometimes. This brings the country to a much more personal level even before you get there.
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  • Lose the Electronics 16 of 26

    Plan to spend the vacation (or at least one day) completely disconnected from the work world. Immerse yourself in the vacation and nothing else. This is something my family and I are planning on doing this year. It can be too easy sometimes to start checking emails and making calls, so this next trip will be all tech-free. I can't wait!
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  • Take a Road Trip 17 of 26

    Pack the family car up with snack and games, and drive miles away for week of fun. We've taken quite a few road trips up and down the California coast. I think this year we want to try and push it to explore a bit farther. One of my favorite things to do is to stop off at totally unexpected places for a rest or bite to eat. Sometimes you find the coolest towns that way. 
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Try and Get Lost 18 of 26

    Experience the road less-traveled. Meet locals and truly investigate the rural areas. This is something that I always try to keep in mind. I have met some very interesting people by starting up conversation, or heading off the beaten path to explore a new place.
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Pack Light 19 of 26

    Challenge yourself to pack only one bag. I admit that I can have a pretty hard time with this. I like fashion, what can I say? However, when I do pack light I love how much easier it is to get from place to place. I traveled through Europe with one bag, and it was the best decision I'd ever made. 
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Push Your Limits 20 of 26

    Plan a trip that pushes you physically. Climb Mt. Everest or take a surf lesson on the beaches of Hawaii. As much as I love to relax on the beach, enjoying thrilling physical activities is so much fun too. I recently got to go snorkeling through the waters of Aruba. They are gorgeous!
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Change up Your Travel Style 21 of 26

    If you are used to traveling on a budget, plan to splurge one night at a five star restaurant. If you are always on the go, try a relaxing beach vacation. Used to the nicest things on your trips? Try eating street tacos for dinner. I like to push myself to experience something completely new on a trip. The local food has always been a favorite place of mine to start. 
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Splurge for Organization and Durability 22 of 26

    Splurge when it to comes to your necessities. Get quick-drying, lightweight clothes, and nice toiletry bags. A bag like this could be very worth the investment. I tend to put packing off until the last minute, which can sometimes mean that half-awake at night I think it's a good idea to just stuff my toiletries in a Ziploc. Weird, but I've found that thin piece of plastic doesn't usually work out too well.
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  • Relax 23 of 26

    If you have 10 vacation days, use them. Take a day before the trip to prepare, and then a day to unwind once you are home. I've found that after traveling there is always the wind down day the day you get home. Everything seems to move a little more slowly and sluggishly. Don't push yourself to the limit, and take the day to just do nothing. 
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Make New Friends 24 of 26

    Meet the locals or other travelers. This is one of my favorite experiences and memories from most of my trips. I've heard amazing stories from travelers in hostels and locals out in the country. Each person has his/her own story. Open yourself up to the opportunity to hear it, because you are sure to learn something new from it. 
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Take a Couples Trip 25 of 26

    Make sure to plan romantic getaway for you and your honey. My husband and I like to make it a point to find a way to plan a couple getaways throughout the year. They aren't anything too crazy, in fact sometimes it's just a night away. We love being able to unwind from everything and just enjoy each other's company. 
    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Take Turns Planning 26 of 26

    Switch up who gets to plan the trip this time. You might be surprised, having your best friend or partner plan it all might end up being the best trip you've ever had. I definitely want to try this one out more this year. I like to plan things a lot, but being able to have others plan activities I think would take me places I never expected. 

    Photo via: Wikimedia.

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