25 Wildest Water Slides in the World

Hold on tight for the 25 Wildest Water Slides in the World. Race down at speeds up to sixty-five miles per hour and at heights over one hundred feet. Slides like The Wedgie in Australia, send you through heart-stopping 360 degree loops, while slides like the Toboggan in Italy, drop you off right into the Mediterranean Sea. Check them out in the 25 Wildest Water Slides in the World…

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    25 Wildest Water Slides

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  • Scorpion’s Tail, Wisconsin Dells, WI 2 of 26

    Ten stories high with an initial drop of fifty feet per second with a near vertical loop is enough to get your heart pounding just thinking about it.
    Check it out at Noah's Ark Family Park.

  • Summit Plummet, Orlando, FL 3 of 26

    With a twelve story drop, the Summit Plummet is the world's tallest and fastest free-fall slide.
    Find out more at Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park.

  • Leap of Faith, Atlantis, Bahamas 4 of 26

    The Leap of Faith is a sixty foot drop off a Mayan temple with a clear tunnel through a shark lagoon.
    Find out more at Atlantis, Bahamas.

  • Jumeirah Sceirah, Dubai 5 of 26

    This one hundred foot plummet will send you soaring at fifty miles per hour.
    Spotted at Wild Wadi Waterpark.

  • Insano, Beach Park, Fortaleza, Brazil 6 of 26

    At fourteen stories high, Insano is the tallest slide in the world. You go sixty-five miles per hour after the near vertical drop.

    Check it out at Oddity Central.

  • The Dragon, Canary Islands 7 of 26

    Experience zero gravity in the funnel of the Dragon.
    Find out more at Siam Park.

  • Toboggan, Citta del Mare, Palermo, Italy 8 of 26

    Citta del Mare boasts eleven slides along the Sicily's coast that take you through four bodies of water landing into the Mediterranean Sea.
    Find out more at Trip Advisor.

  • Aquaduck, Disney Cruise Lines 9 of 26

    The Aquaduck drops you four deck levels and even takes rider over the ocean in a clear tube.
    Spotted at Disney Cruise.

  • Wildebeest, Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN 10 of 26

    Formerly the world's longest water coaster, Holiday World's Wildebeest has seven drops with the largest one being thirty-eight feet.
    Check it out at Kast-a-way.

  • Cliffhanger, Schlitterbahn, Galveston, TX 11 of 26

    Free fall for eighty-one feet and get up to forty miles per hour all from the comfort of your swimsuit.
    Find out more at Schlitterbahn.

  • Double Barrell Drop, Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos, PA 12 of 26

    You are dropped into a funnel where you slide up and down then you drop into another funnel before the ride is over.
    Find out more at Great Wolf Lodge.

  • The Wedgie, White Water World, Dreamworld, AU 13 of 26

    Riders drop at a rate of thirty-eight seconds per foot and actually experience G-forces before a 360 degree loop.
    Spotted at Parkz.

  • Triple Twist, Great Wolf Lodge, Mason, OH 14 of 26

    The triple twist is five stories high and full of twists, turns, and two tunnels that leave riders with a one of a kind experience.
    Check it out at Great Wolf Lodge.

  • Mammoth, Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN 15 of 26

    This ride is actually mammoth at seven stories high and three acres.
    Find out more at Holiday World.

  • Brain Wash, Wet ‘n Wild, Orlando 16 of 26

    Become brain washed with lights, sounds, and video has you drop fifty-three feet and endure a sixty-five foot doomed tunnel.
    Find out more at Orlando Magical Vacation.

  • Sting Ray, Noah’s Ark, Wisconsin Dells 17 of 26

    Two large half pipes that make you scream and slide back and forth.
    Spotted at Noah's Ark Water Park.

  • The Wedgie, Splashtown, San Antonio, TX 18 of 26

    Race down 5 stories with a surprise waiting at the end.
    Check it out at Splashtown.

  • Stukas Boom, Caneva Aquapark, Italy 19 of 26

    Stukas is ten stories high with a near vertical drop from the top.
    Find out more at Canevaworld.

  • Big Bang, Aqualandia, Spain 20 of 26
    Aqualandia BENIDORM 2006

    The Big Bang drop simulates a free fall.
    Find out more at Aqulandia.

  • L2, Woergler, Wasseruelt, Austria 21 of 26

    Riders are dropped forty-six feet and are propelled through two loops at speeds up to forty miles per hour.
    Spotted at Woergler Wasserwelt.

  • Wild Vortex, Wilderness at the Smokies 22 of 26

    Experience 2.5 G's as you drop thirty-nine feet.
    Check it out at Wilderness at the Smokies.

  • Cyclone, West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada 23 of 26

    Riders plummet fifty-five feet straight down at speeds up to thirty-seven miles per hour before shooting up a loop.

    Find out more at West Edmonton Mall.

  • Behemoth Bowl, Chimelong, Guangzhou, China 24 of 26

    Riders slide down sixty-five feet into a bowl that is sixty feet in diameter.

    Find out more at Chimelong.

    Photo Credit: Proslide

  • Drop Out, Raging Waters, San Dimas, CA 25 of 26

    A seven story drop that hurls riders down in four seconds at forty miles per hour.

    Spotted at Raging Waters.

    Photo Credit: Press-Enterprise

  • AquaLOOP, Terme 3000, Moravce, Slovenia 26 of 26

    The world's first waterslide with a loop takes only seven seconds ride since you are flying down at almost fifty miles per hour.
    Check it out at Sava Hotels.

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