3 Secrets to Enjoying a Spontaneous Getaway with the Kids


Some of my favorite travel stories start out with me being completely lost in a new place. Before I had kids I thrived off spontaneous getaways. I loved to just pick up for a weekend and go somewhere I had never been before. With kids there’s a bit more planning that goes along, but I’ve found that the spontaneity I longed for is still there, it just comes in a new way. Pack up the family and take a weekend trip with these three tips in mind …

Book Once You Arrive

Instead of scoping out a hotel beforehand, head to the city first and pick out a place once you get there. I can remember one time I was taking a trip to Santa Barbara and stumbled on a hotel I had never heard of before. It was this beautiful Spanish-style inn and because it was last minute they cut me a huge deal on a top suite! (You might even consider looking up a local spot on Airbnb if you want to avoid a hotel all together.)

Ditch the Web

I’m totally guilty of looking up restaurants on the web when I don’t know where to go, so this point definitely hits close to home. Leave the reviews behind and drive around until you see a place that looks interesting to you. You might find a mom and pop restaurant you would have normally passed by. This can also go for activities in the area. Drive around with the kids and see what they point out that they find interesting and hop out of the car to check it out.

Throw Out the Itinerary

Spontaneity is all about flying by the seat of your pants, so no planning needed on this trip. You might quickly find that you become more relaxed now that there’s not a schedule to follow. I tend to find this way of traveling to be a breath of fresh air. We have so many schedules throughout the week that it’s nice when we can all just do what we want as the day goes by.


Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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