3 Tips to Help Get Young Kids Through a Day of Sightseeing


Since traveling is such a big part of my life, I have always wanted it to be a big part of my daughter’s life too. This meant that we were jetsetting even when she was a tiny baby. I’ll admit that at the beginning my husband and I were definitely new to this whole traveling with baby thing, but through the years I think we’ve got it down pat. My daughter is six now and travels even better than I do! Here are a few helpful tips we’ve learned for how to get through those long travel days …

1. Bring a Carrier

One of the number one things I can’t emphasize enough is to bring a carrier or stroller that works great for the whole family. If you decide to use a baby carrier, make sure it’s one that gives your back enough support to get through the day. When you’re choosing a stroller, go for one that is lightweight and easy to manage. Leave the bulky strollers at home, they will probably be more of a headache than anything. A good carrier and/or stroller will make it a lot easier for your young kids to snooze in the afternoon while you continue to explore the city, plus it will give them a little break from a long day of walking. My favorites? The ERGObaby Travel Carrier ($109) and the UPPAbaby G-Luze Stroller ($240.48).

2. Snacks are Key

When you’re packing up for the day, make packing snacks a priority. We always brought something for my daughter to have when we were out and about. Since everyone’s eating schedule can be off when you’re traveling, snacks are a helpful way to avoid meltdowns. Consider bringing a few snacks from home to give to your kids as a surprise treat when you’re out.

3. Plan for Playtime

As you write up your list of activities for the day, don’t forget to factor in playtime and rest stops. Before we head out we like to scope out parks that would be fun for Scarlet to play at. Let the kids run loose, be loud, and have fun. This is a perfect time for Mom and Dad to also wind down from an active day for a bit. Pack a picnic and just enjoy being in the sunshine in a new city.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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