5 Really Good Excuses to Travel with Your Kids


When you travel with your kids, you create wonderful and priceless family memories. As soon as my children had their birth certificates, I got them their passports. After their first vaccines, came their first flights to Chile. It took a lot of planning to travel with babies so now that my kids are 9 and 12, it’s comparatively a piece of cake. It does get expensive, but the things my children have learned by visiting other cities, other countries, and other continents are priceless.

As parents, my husband and I feel their education would not be complete if they didn’t learn about other cultures and customs, so they can learn respect, tolerance, and understanding of others who might do things differently than how they do.

Still unconvinced? If you’re looking for more excuses to go on a vacation with your children, here are five:

Kids can learn without even realizing it.

Just by taking in their surroundings, by walking through a different city, by visiting a museum or looking at monuments, children learn about a new city/culture/country/language/all of the above!

You can see a place through their eyes.

No matter how many times you have been somewhere, your kids have a different perspective and it is so refreshing! For me, it’s always a thrill to visit Walt Disney World with my children because they pick up on things that I might have missed, their eyes light up, and their awe is contagious.

History comes alive.

Suddenly, dates or events come to life — making it so much easier for them to understand. Climbing on the bus Rosa Parks rode and being able to sit where she sat, visiting Anne Frank’s home, the Tower of London, or the Vatican is so different than reading about them.

You’ll can take fun, exciting family photos.

We all know that our kids grow up so fast that these special moments we get to share with them are perfect to immortalize in pictures. On a cruise you can test different poses and backdrops without paying a sitting fee or you can hire a photographer if you’re staying at a resort (just make sure to negotiate the cost upfront). For cool candids with your smartphone, you can pack a selfie stick or a portable tripod to make sure you get the whole family — not just the kids!

You can reconnect with the kids.

By ditching your routine and embarking on new adventures together, you create shared experiences that open the door for more communication. Plus, if you travel overseas, not having roaming enabled on their mobile devices will force your tweens and teens to disconnect from their phones. (Just make sure to tell them to use airplane mode and only use wifi to avoid international fees that can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars.)


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