5 Tips for Surviving International Travel with a Baby

Traveling out of the country with your baby can feel overwhelming at first. Yes, it can be a wonderful, eye-opening experience, but you are also leaving all the comforts of home behind. Don’t let that stop you. With a handful of helpful tips and a relaxed attitude, you and the family can have the trip of a lifetime. This might just be the first of many internationally vacations …

1. Shift Sleep Before the Trip

Prepare baby for the big time change by slowly shifting his/her schedule about two weeks before the trip. Push bedtime a little earlier or later depending on where you are traveling. Each day you can adjust it little by little. You might find that this small change can make a big difference in fighting off jet lag later.

2. Save Yourself with a Stroller

Whether you have days of sightseeing planned or nothing planned at all, make sure to bring along an extremely dependable stroller. The UPPAbaby G-Luxe has been one of my favorites because it is so incredibly light (only about 11 pounds), stands on its own when collapsed, and reclines back. The fact that it collapses easily makes it great for when we’re juggling three kids and luggage. It’s important to find a travel stroller that is convenient and durable so that you can show your baby the world with ease.

3. Bring Layers

If you’re not sure what to pack for your baby, think layers. Layers make it easy for you to dress your baby no matter what the weather is that day. They are also helpful for those unexpected accidents. I would bring a handful of basics, like onesies, and then essentials like a warm jacket just in case. Even if you’re pretty confident you know what the weather will be, it’s always a good idea to bring a few items just in case of unexpected changes.

4. Pack a Stash of Bags

When you’re packing up the diaper bag for the trip, bring along a bunch of extra resealable plastic bags. I have found these to always come in handy for snacks, wet clothes, and dirty diapers. We’ve even used them to keep all our travel documents in one place. If you think you’ve packed enough, bring a couple more just to be safe.

5. Schedules Shmedules

For this, I don’t exactly mean completely ditch your baby’s schedule. In fact, it can save you to keep your baby’s schedule pretty consistent, but it’s important not to adhere too strictly to your daily travel schedule. Go into the trip knowing that sometimes things won’t go exactly according to plan. Embrace these shifts in schedules, the extra rest stops, or even the day just sitting in the park relaxing. This will keep everyone’s stress level down to ensure you all have a wonderful trip.


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