5 Lessons a Trip to the Big Apple Will Teach Your Child


This summer consider taking the family on a trip to the Big Apple. New York City is bustling with activities for kids and things to see, that’s for sure, but there also many lessons they can learn along the way. I grew up in Rhode Island and am dying to take my kids to my favorite spots in New York City. I want them to experience the magic and energy of such a totally unique place.

5 Lessons Traveling to NYC Will Teach Your Kid:


1. Embrace Cultures

Take a walk through different neighborhoods of New York City, like Little Italy and Chinatown. Read up on the neighborhoods to learn how they came to be. This is a great time to explain to your kids how people from all over the world have learned to live and work together in this big city. Talk about how their traditions continue to be passed down through generations and how people of other cultures have also started to embrace these traditions.


2. Try New Foods

Make family goals to try a handful of new foods while you’re on vacation. Show your kids that it’s exciting to try new flavors (*cough* cronut *cough*) and to explore new restaurants. Let the kids pick out new foods that they want you to try out too.


3. Look Both Ways

If New York City traffic teaches you one thing, it’s to look both ways, up, down, and all around. Take this opportunity to talk about safety and sticking together. It’s great to meet new friends on a trip, but it’s also important to stay where it’s safe and not trail off.


4. Take Time for Art

Visit museums like the famous Guggenheim Museum. Talk about the artists and what you think they meant when they created their art. You can also sit down and do some art of your own when you return to the room. This is a great way to show your kids that even in the midst of one of the busiest cities, it’s important to stop and reconnect with art.


5. Don’t Forget Nature

Even a concrete jungle needs a secret garden. Show the kids the beauty of Central Park and talk to them about how it is important to also spend time in nature. Learn about the plants and animals that live in the park and ways in which people work together to keep the park maintained. One of the things I love most about Central Park is that in an instant you can feel completely transported to another place.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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