5 Things You’ll See in Norway That Are Straight Out of Frozen

This spring my family and I took a magical trip to Norway. We had the perfect itinerary planned out by Visit Norway that consisted of seeing Oslo, Flam, Balestrand, Bergen, and so much more. While we were already excited to see such a majestic country, the fact that my daughter loves the movie Frozen made it even better. Here I’ve mapped out five of the top Frozen sightings we saw on our trip, including which town was the inspiration behind the charming city of Arendelle.

St. Olaf's Church: Inspiration for the Coronation Day Chapel 1 of 5
Head to Balestrand to check out St. Olaf's Church, which was the inspiration for the chapel where Elsa is crowned Queen of Arendelle in Frozen.

Where to stay: Try the adorable Midtnes Hotel next door.

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The Frozen Fjords 2 of 5
Take a fjord tour to see the inspiration behind the stunning fjords in Frozen. While you're at it, have a traditional viking meal for dinner.

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Ice Harvesting in Fetsund Lenser 3 of 5
Keep your eye out for small black structures along the river when you're at Fetsund Lenser. This is where they would store the ice after it was harvested, just like in the first scene of Frozen.

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Akershus Fortress: Inspiration for Castle Arendelle 4 of 5
Make a stop in beautiful Oslo to see the 500-year-old Akershus Fortress. Pay close attention to the detail in the walls and the wood that reflect the patterns used in the castle of Arendelle.

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Bryggen: Inspiration for City of Arendelle 5 of 5
It only took a second for us to realize that this Unesco Heritage Site just had to be the inspiration behind Arendelle. It's absolutely charming and is still in use today.

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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