5 Ways to Reuse Tic Tac Containers for Travel

Who knew that small Tic Tac containers could come so in handy when traveling? They make a great place to store and easily dispense spices and bait when camping. Yup, even bait can be stored in these little boxes. Check out all the ways people have repurposed their Tic Tac containers to make their travels go a little smoother…

  • Spices 1 of 5
    Put spices into Tic Tac containers to spice up your meals while camping.
    Find out more at Lifehacker.
  • Bobby Pins 2 of 5
    Bobby Pins
    Keep your bobby pins in one place while you are hopping from place to place.
    Find out more at The Krazy Coupon Lady.
  • Matches 3 of 5
    Turn a Tic Tac box into a waterproof matchbox to use while camping.
    Find out more at Instructables.
  • Bait 4 of 5
    Fill your Tic Tac box with small bait that is easy to dispense.
    Find out more at Field and Stream.
  • Ribbon and Twine 5 of 5
    Ribbon and Twine
    Store hair ribbons, fishing line, or twine for adventures in the great outdoors.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.

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