7 Hidden Beaches on the California Coast

The California coastline is known for its beautiful beaches, however, there are many hidden gems among them. Instead of heading to Main Beach at Laguna Beach, go off the path to the secluded Thousand Steps Beach. This is one of my favorites. If you’re in San Francisco, Baker Beach and Ocean Beach are a sight to see, but down a small road you will find the hidden China Beach. There are many more of these stunning shorelines from San Diego County and up, so don’t be afraid on your next trip to venture off the beaten path.

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  • Jalama, Santa Barbara County 2 of 8

    Head down Highway 1 to Jalama Road to spend a day at this hidden oasis. As you drive down you are surrounded by lush, green hills, and then welcomed to a gorgeous and secluded beach. Bring the family down to camp at Jalama Beach County Park for a night or two.
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  • Thousand Steps, Orange County 3 of 8

    Alongside the popular Laguna Beach is the hidden Thousand Steps Beach. It gets its name from the steep staircase that leads you down to the water. Spend the day at this quiet beach having a picnic with friends and searching for tide pools.
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  • San Onofre Bluffs, San Diego County 4 of 8

    Nestled between Orange County and San Diego County are the San Onofre Bluffs. This stretch of land is a beautiful coastline where you can camp or simply spend a day in the water. Who knows? Afterwards you might get the urge to head on down south to Mexico.
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  • Point Buchon, San Luis Obispo County 5 of 8

    Take a hike through the gorgeous Point Buchon and out to the once completely secluded Coon Creek Beach. Grab lunch in San Luis Obispo before you head out and spend the rest of the day by the shore.
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  • Pfeiffer Beach, Monterey County 6 of 8

    If you decide to spend a night camping out in Big Sur, don't forget to check out the beautiful Julia Pfieffer Burns State Beach. Way back when, my friends and I spent days here playing frisbee by the water and relaxing to the sounds of the ocean. Afterwards, you can head right back to the forest for some shut-eye.
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  • China Beach, San Francisco County 7 of 8

    Baker Beach has become quite a popular spot in San Francisco, however if you just go a little bit past it you can find yourself at China Beach. China Beach is specifically located between Lands End and Baker Beach. It's a lesser known sandy spot where you can still catch a beautiful glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge.
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  • Bowling Ball Beach, Mendocino County 8 of 8

    This beautiful Bowling Ball Beach gets its name from the round sandstone boulders that emerge from the water. Take a hike to see the hidden driftwood fort on this secluded spot that is surely where the locals go.
    Photo via Wikimedia.

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