7 Must-See Aquariums Across America

Last year my daughter and I drove up the coast of California and got to explore the beautiful Monterey Bay Aquarium. We have gone to the Aquarium of the Pacific quite a bit since it’s close by, but I feel that each time we go we learn something completely new. After checking it out I started to wonder what other amazing aquariums there are out there. I found that no matter what coast you’re on, or even if you’re taking a trip to Chicago or New Orleans, there’s an amazing aquarium to be seen. One of them even has a program where you can sleep over, and in another you can take a dive with whale sharks.

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  • Monterey Bay Aquarium, California 2 of 8

    Head to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see the Giant Octopus and aquariums of jelly fish. You can take your trip to the next level and go diving with the fish or have a sleepover next to your favorite tank. 
    Find out more at Monterey Bay Aquarium.
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  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, New Orleans 3 of 8

    Get an up close look into the Caribbean at this aquarium adjacent to the French Quarter. Spend the day touching sting rays, seeing gigantic sharks and taking in the sea life in the Gulf of Mexico Exhibit. 
    Find out more at Audubon Institute.
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  • Georgia Aquarium, Georgia 4 of 8

    The Georgia Aquarium has the largest amount of aquatic life found in any aquarium living in their 10 million gallons of fresh and marine water exhibits. Here you can get the chance to actually dive with a whale shark and play with a beluga whale.
    Find out more at Georgia Aquarium.
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  • John G. Shedd Aquarium, Illinois 5 of 8

    Learn about the world in 80 habitats when you visit the Waters of the World exhibits at this aquarium. See the sea life in the Caribbean, Great Lakes, Amazon, and the wild reef right in the heart of Chicago.
    Find out more at Shedd Aquarium.
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  • Aquarium of the Pacific, California 6 of 8

    The Aquarium of the Pacific not only explores the oceans of today, but takes you back in time in their Monsters of the Deep exhibit to learn about the giants that once lurked in our waters. Take a trip here to also see new baby Penguin chicks and sea otters swimming about.  
    Find out more at Aquarium of the Pacific.
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  • Oregon Coast Aquarium, Oregon 7 of 8

    Walk through the 1.32 million-gallon Passages of the Deep exhibit to see this amazing 360 degree view of the sea life.  Step out to see one of the largest seabird aviaries in the country and see if you can spot the hiding giant octopus.
    Find out more at Oregon Coast Aquarium.
    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland 8 of 8

    This beautiful aquarium on the East Coast has a variety of different exhibits including, one that takes you to the waters of Australia, deep in the Amazon, to a coral reef, and a tropical rain forest. Get a behind the scenes peek by going on an Immersion Tour and seeing a real dolphin training session.
    Find out more at National Aquarium.
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