8 Reasons Why You Need to Vacation Without Kids

IMG_7832My husband and I were a couple for almost a decade before we had children. We traveled the world. We slept in and spent entire rainy Sundays at bookstores, sipping coffee and leisurely reading novels.

Sometimes we read out loud to each other.

Sadly, I can’t remember much more about what we did with all that time. We were a couple for such a long time before kids. What the hell did we do?

We had no idea that the clock was ticking on our leisure time. 

Things have certainly changed. Our chaotic home is full of humans besides us. On any given weekend you’ll find all four of my kids and at least a few stragglers, here for a sleepover. We split up the driving duty.

We try to plan for date nights. Grand plans of dinner and a show. This inevitably gets downgraded to dinner and a movie, then someone catches a cold and a sitter flakes and we’ve got exactly one hour for a rushed “date night” in between drop off birthday parties and community theater rehearsals.

We sip decaf in a strip mall bookstore, vowing to rent a movie when we get home.

Later, at least one of us is already asleep, exhausted before we’ve watched the On Demand previews. Elbows, sighs, next time. Sleep wins.

I adore my busy household full of children. It’s exhausting, but I’m not bitter. I just need a break. We need a break. It’s been a long time since my husband and I have vacationed alone together. How long? Our honeymoon.

The memories of my honeymoon have also faded. Two decades of child-induced sleep deprivation have wiped away the visions of Caribbean beaches, fresh fruit-filled brunches, and clean towel covered lounge chairs.

Take me back!

I really cannot recall what we did with ourselves before children, but I’m hoping to jog my memory.

We have a big anniversary coming up this year. It’s time. We’re taking the time. My husband and I are heading off on a child-free vacation together, for the first time in forever.

Just in case we’re not sure what to do with ourselves, I’ve come up with this handy list.

Here are 8 reasons to take a vacation without kids:

  1. To feed ourselves dinner without preparing someone else’s plate first, or jumping up before we are done
  2. To sleep naked, without fear of a random kid wandering in and hopping in the bed
  3. To read a book together, out loud
  4. To get way too competitive about a stupid card game
  5. To sleep in and order room service
  6. To listen to the music WE want to listen to
  7. To actually make it out to a movie and a show.
  8. To remember why we liked each other to begin with

I only wish we’d done this sooner!




Article Posted 3 years Ago

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