A 5-Year-Old’s Tips for Flying

Image Source: Heather Spohr
Image Source: Heather Spohr

Summer is the time for family travel, which can be really stressful for parents. My family recently went on a trip where we flew 5 1/2 hours in each direction, and my husband and I were definitely worried about how we’d keep our 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son happy on the flights. After our trip was over, I asked my daughter (who was actually a great traveler) if she had any advice for other families, and this is what she said.

How do you keep from getting bored on a plane?

You can play games on your mom’s phone! It’s fun to switch seats with other family members! I talked to my mom for the first part, then switched seats and looked out the window. It’s fun to look out the window because you can see everything in the sky.

Any other advice on how to pass the time?

Just relax and take it easy. Enjoy being with your family! Don’t just sit there. Get up and walk around a little if your parents will let you and if that light (the fasten seat belt sign) is not on. You can also watch a movie! I watched Frozen. It was as good as always.

What should you wear on a plane?

It’s good to wear comfy clothes. It can get hot on a plane so I wore shorts! One time I got cold, though, so I used my mom’s jacket.

What should you pack?

You should bring a backpack that you can fill with toys. You can also bring crayons and paper in it so you can draw. You can also bring one of those stuffed animals to hug that make noises when you squeeze them. You can squeeze it once or twice or three times to make the sound before your mom tells you to stop. I don’t know how many times your mom will let you do that.

How do you keep a baby quiet?

Make the baby sleep a little on the plane. You can probably give him your phone to play those baby games. Also, feed the baby. If you only have a baby with no teeth you can probably just give it milk or water, whichever you pick.

Any more advice?

Don’t bring any food because it might make the plane smell bad.

If only I’d had my daughter’s advice before our trip!

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