A 4-Year-Old’s Guide to Disneyland

Thanks to our proximity to Disneyland, my daughter is a veteran Mouseketeer. When she found out that one of her friends (who lives out of state) was going to Disneyland for the first time, she had tons of advice and tips for her. I wrote everything down and thought it was too cute — and helpful! — to not share. So here’s Annie’s Guide to Disneyland

1. Always have a back-up.

get your own treat
Image source: Heather Spohr

“Always get two of any treat, because a grown-up will always be like, “Hey, can I have a bite?” and their bites are always too big.” (Guilty.)

2. Know your limits.

“The Pirates ride is scary if you’re afraid of the dark, so maybe don’t go on it if you think you’ll cry. Also, the Haunted Mansion is scary at first, but then you will start to like it. Be brave, guys!”

3. Make sure your positioning is on point.

Image source: Heather Spohr

“Sit in the front of the “it’s a small world” boat so a grown up’s head isn’t in your way.”

4. Don’t forget your autograph book.

get autographs
Image source: Heather Spohr

“Bring an autograph book so you can get the autographs of all the characters.”

5. Go hard.

Image source: Heather Spohr

“Spin the wheel at the tea cups SO fast. You get a little bit dizzy but it feels good — like you’re flying!”

6. Don’t sneeze while eating a donut.

don't sneeze
Image source: Heather Spohr

“Always get the donuts (beignets) when you’re in New Orleans Square. But do NOT sneeze when you’re eating them because it’s SO messy!”

7. Dress the part.

get your hair done
Image source: Heather Spohr

“Girls can get their hair done like princesses, right in Disneyland! There is so much glitter.”

8. Parades are a bit of a mixed-bag.

wave at teh parade
Image source: Heather Spohr

“Parades are a little bit boring and a little bit fun. It’s boring because you’re just sitting there, but it’s fun because the characters wave to you. Wave a lot and yell ‘hi’ to them!”

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