10 Stunning Travel Photographs from Bloggers & Instagrammers

I’ve always been addicted to photography. It’s magic! The ability to capture moments big or small is nothing short of miraculous, and the instantaneous nature of digital photography is particularly amazing!

Travel photography is my favorite, as it virtually can take you from one location to another with just a glance. I’m lucky to know quite a few incredible travel bloggers who also happen to be amazing photographers. Whether you follow them on Instagram or through their blogs, these travelers have a way of capturing sights, cities, and countries through their stories, captions, and photos, making you feel as if you’ve been transported to same locations they’ve explored.

When it comes to travel photographs, it’s next to impossible to choose favorites, and I couldn’t fit everyone in just one post. Instead, I’ve rounded up ten photos that have moved me recently. While reading through these blogs and Instagram accounts, I found that these photos were the ones that stood out the most for me. Granted, I’ll have another ten to add to this list next week, but for now, be prepared to get inspired by the following images.

  • Bermuda: Andi Perullo 1 of 10

    My friend Andi Perullo from My Beautiful Adventures has a knack for capturing the beauty of every location she finds herself visiting. Last year, Andi and her husband took a trip to Bermuda and she was able to snap this incredible shot of Astwood Park & Cove. The pink sand combined with exquisite blue and turquoise waters brings me to my knees, especially as the weather here in Canada has been less than beautiful (to say the least).

    Photo credit: Andi Perullo


  • Italy: Katja Presnel 2 of 10

    Instagram photography is popular in the travel space, and the one woman who does a heck of a job mixing the two together is Katja Presnel, founder of Skimbaco and author of Instagram as Your Guide to the World. Her recent trip to Italy looked incredible, as does this shot she took just a few weeks ago. I love when photographers showcase hidden gems in popular places, don't you?

    Photo credit: Katja Presenel

  • Satu Vänskä-Westgarth: New Zealand 3 of 10

    Can you imagine visiting the very place that The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies were filmed? Satu Vänskä-Westgarth from Destination Unknown lives in Norway, but is currently in New Zealand with her family. Her photos from the Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, New Zealand are beyond magical!

    Photo credit: Satu Vänskä-Westgarth

  • Carol Cain: Colorado 4 of 10

    I had to say no to a trip to Keystone, Colorado in January due to a scheduling conflict, and Girl Gone Travel's Carol Cain's photos are making me wish I hadn't! Her article on winter vacationing for the non-skier is right up my alley, and the view? Well, it certainly speaks for itself!

    Photo credit: Carol Cain

  • Kim-Marie Evans: Antigua 5 of 10

    When it comes to luxury travel, Kim-Marie Evans from Luxury Travel Mom speaks my language. She visits some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels that are all incredibly stunning. Her recent trip to Curtain Bluff in Antigua is nothing short of delightful, especially if you like tennis. Oh, and that amazing view is from the hotel's spa hot tub. Ahem!

    Photo credit: Kim-Marie Evans

  • Marie-Julie Gagnon: Abu Dhabi 6 of 10

    If you know me, you'll know that Abu Dhabi is #1 on my travel list. I want to experience the extravagance and over-the-top luxury everywhere you look. My friend Marie-Julie Gagnon from @Technomade just returned from a whirlwind trip to Abu Dhabi and this photo from the 74th floor of the Jumeirah Etihad Towers completely took my breath away!

    Photo credit: Marie-Julie Gagnon

  • Heather Greenwood Davis: China 7 of 10

    Heather Greenwood Davis and her family took an entire year off to travel the world, and she documented their journeys on her blog, Globetrotting Mama. I still visit her old posts to get inspired! This photo from their trip to the Great Wall of China is one of my favorites. Can you imagine taking your children to such a historical location?

    Photo credit: Heather Greenwood Davis

  • Sarah Burn: Ohana Mama 8 of 10

    Looking for a taste of Hawaii? Sarah Burns from @theohanamama takes beautiful daily shots of her home in Maui. Having visited Maui with my family, I can attest to it's untouched glory. Sarah's photos bring me back every day, and for that I'm grateful!

    Photo credit: Sarah Burns

  • Dave and Deb: Canada 9 of 10

    This shot was actually taken in Lake Missinaibi located in Northern Ontario (close to where I live!) by the famed Dave and Deb from @ThePlanetD. They take some of the best travel photos I've ever seen. You can check them out on Instagram or through their blog, The Planet D.

    Photo credit: The Planet D

  • Backpacker Steve: Chile 10 of 10

    No, that's not an iceberg! This is a photo of the marble caves of Puerto Rio Tranquilo in Chile. One of my favorite travel photographers on Instagram, @BackpackerSteve, took this photo back in March when he hitchhiked the Carretera Austral. STUNNING!

    Photo credit: Backpacker Steve

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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