This Carry-On That Turns into a Bed Is a Total Game-Changer for Parents Flying with Kids

I think everyone knows that flying with kids can be a nightmare. Knowing that their little ones could easily melt down mid-flight, some parents even pass out earplugs and a pre-emptive apology for other passengers. But this new invention may have just completely changed everything for parents traveling with kids this holiday season.

Christina and Halvor Holmgren were familiar with these struggles when they tried to fly with their daughter. Like many kids (and adults), she had difficulty falling asleep in the airplane seats. If she did fall asleep, it was while she was sprawled across her parents, who were then stuck there (or else!).

After a particularly difficult trip, they came home and started testing out prototypes for an idea of filling the space in front of the seat to make a kid-sized bed. After years of testing, the BedBox was born!

Now parents anywhere can order the BedBox from Holmgren’s company, JetKids. And they really thought of everything. The bed portion of the suitcase only takes up part of the case, so it still has room to spare for packing. And (my personal favorite part) they added wheels to the bottom so that kids can sit on the case and ride around the airport. No need to lug a stroller too, or be faced with walking or carrying your kids.

Instead, they can have a fun time rolling around the airport, and then sleep soundly on the flight. I don’t think it can get any better than that!

The BedBox is recommended for kids up to 7 years old, depending on their size. When kids get too big to lay down comfortably, they could still use the BedBox as a foot rest to help ease the trip. Using the “bedmode” is also only approved during the cruising portion of the flight, when the seatbelt sign is turned off.

At $169, the BedBox is certainly more expensive than a normal kids’ suitcase. But I think for a quiet flight and a happy kid, it’s totally worth it.

h/t: PopSugar Moms

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