Best Apps for Your Next Roadtrip

best apps for a roadtrip

I’m moving cross country in just a few short weeks. Our house is for sale, we are selling everything in it, and hoping to spend some time visiting this sites from California to North Carolina. Not having been to many states for any extended period of time, I don’t really know the big tourist draws for each state so I’ve been researching them online. In my search I’ve come across some great websites and apps to plan my trip. From the Hoover Dam to the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine, I’ve got the must-sees on my map plus the little offbeat favorites. Planning a road trip this summer? Check out these apps that will help make the most of every mile!

  • Roadtrippers 1 of 6

    Roadtrippers is a great resource when it comes time to plan your next road trip. Simply enter your start and end point, then plan away! When you are finished you can then sync your trip with your smart phone by downloading the Roadtrippers app. With the app you can get turn by turn navigation and you can add items along the way or even plan a new trip.


  • Playground Finder 2 of 6

    If you are traveling with young children, you are going to be stopping more frequently. Those little legs are going to want to stretch, and one of the best placed to get that energy out is a playground. The Playground Finder app helps you locate the nearest playground and read user reviews.


  • Roadside America 3 of 6

    Why not make your road trip a little more interesting with the Roadside America app? It reports on all of the unusual places like the word's largest and smallest sights, quirky graves and statues, odd buildings, classic attractions, bizarre eateries, natural wonders and more! The app lets you see what's near you or up ahead.


  • Gas Buddy 4 of 6

    With gas prices on the rise, it's smart to shop around. Especially when you are driving long distances. The Gas Buddy app helps you locate the cheapest gas prices in the area.

  • State Bingo Game 5 of 6

    The State Bingo and Road Trip U.S. app is a fun game for kids 7 and up that will not only keep your kid entertained on the road, but it's also educational! They will learn state capitals and shapes, fun facts, popular landmarks, state flowers, historical trails and much more!

  • License Plate Game 6 of 6

    Road trips can be a little boring for both kids and adults. The License Plate Game is a fun way to keep the whole family entertained. The License Plate Game app will help you keep track of all the states you find along the way. Kids will especially love this.





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