The 10 Most Haunted Places in Great Britain

I have a not-so-secret fascination with ghosts. I love stories of close encounters and relish the chance to stay in places that are supposedly haunted. I totally believe that places like the Tower of London and castle ruins have ghosts that haunt them. There is even a hotel in my hometown that is rumored to have the ghosts of children on the top floor, since that is where the servants families used to live. At night you can hear them running and laughing up and down the corridor. Given that this is the season of all things haunted, I am thinking of places I would love to travel in the future. Why not head to Britain to experience some of these creepy and cool haunting scenarios?

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    10 Most Haunted Place in Great Britain

    If you are visiting Great Britain soon, check out of these spooky, fun, haunted sights!

  • The Tower of London 2 of 11
    The Tower of London

    This famous landmark is so fascinating and fun to visit. So many people died in this awful place that there are rumors of ghosts at every twist and turn. Perhaps the most famous are of the young twin princes Edward V and Richard, who were both killed by the order of their uncle when they were just 9 and 12 years old.


  • Windsor Castle 3 of 11
    Windsor Castle

    Nearly 25 ghosts have been reported at Windsor Castle. Among the royal ghosts viewed? Elizabeth I, George III, and Henry VIII.

    Photo: Destination 360

  • Llancaiach Fawr Manor 4 of 11
    fawr manor

    This manor is said to host the ghosts of several children who met an early death. I would love to see the young child ghost who supposedly tugs at your sleeve for attention.

    Photo: Llancaich Fawr Manor

  • Pluckley 5 of 11
    Pluckely Village

    This small town in Kent is supposed to have a Halloween celebration like no other. How I would love to go! Apparently you can see headless horses galloping through the streets pulling a coach.

    Photo: Telegraph UK

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral 6 of 11
    St. Paul's Cathedral

    When you visit St. Paul's Cathedral, be sure to listen for the tune of the clergyman. He is said to wander the halls, especially that of the All Souls' Chapel.

    Photo: St. Paul's

  • Hermitage Castle 7 of 11
    Hermitage Castle

    Black magic is rumored to have been practiced at this Scottish castle. The ghosts of the victims, mostly children, are said to haunt the castle with odd noises and occasional sightings.

    Photo: Rampant Scotland

  • Red Lion Inn 8 of 11
    Red Lion Inn

    This charming inn located near Stonehenge is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman murdered by her husband on the grounds. To seek her revenge, she makes the chandeliers spin!

    Photo: Haunted Rooms UK

  • Balmoral Castle 9 of 11
    Balmoral Castle

    The Queen's Scottish residence is said to be haunted by John Brown, a servant who once fell in love with Queen Victoria. Be sure to keep your eye out; he is frequently seen walking the corridors in a kilt!

    Photo: Balmoral

  • Newchurch-in-Pendle 10 of 11
    Newchurch in Pendle

    This small town was once the home to Britain's own witch trials. In the dead of night, it is said that hundreds of ghosts climb the hillside to witness the trials of the accused.

    Photo: Wikipedia

  • Culloden 11 of 11

    The site of the famous British battle, this moor is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the dead Scottish soldiers. Visitors come to the area in droves, but it is said that animals mostly avoid the area.

    Photo: Wikipedia

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