Dining Inside The CN Tower—360 Restaurant Review

Dining inside the CN Tower is an incredible experience, one that is suited to the entire family. Although my husband and I have previously visited this incredible attraction, we had never dined in the famed 360 Restaurant located 1,151 feet above ground. During our trip to TBEX, we decided to remedy this and make it a family affair. You can read our full review of the CN Tower on Child Mode.

Before we get into the amazing experience that is The 360 Restaurant, it is important to note that yes the food is quite expensive here, however general admission to the Glass Floor and LookOut is included with your meal, so there are no extra admission fees. To access the restaurant you must go through security on the ground level, before making your way up the elevator. Once you arrive, a professional photographer is on hand to take your photo (it’s up to you whether you want to purchase it or not) and you are escorted into the posh 360.

What happens next? Is the food any good? Is it suitable for vegetarians? Click through the slideshow below to find out!

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    What's the 360 Restaurant like in Toronto's famed CN Tower? Is it good for kids? Does the food live up to the hype? Click through to find out!

  • Seating 2 of 10

    The 360 Restaurant offers two sitting areas. The upper tier, and the lower tier. The lower tier provides the best views of the city as you sit next to the glass window.

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    As you can see by the photo, our evening wasn't the clearest. It rained off and on throughout dinner and yet we still enjoyed the most fantastic views. My daughter and I switched seats so that I could get this shot!

  • Booth or Table 4 of 10

    If sitting right next to the window isn't your cup of tea, there are booths available on the lower tier as well.

  • Menus 5 of 10

    There were three menus to choose from. A kid's menu, the adult's dinner menu and a separate menu just for vegetarians. Score! This was the first time I dined in a fine dining restaurant and had so many choices.

  • Keep The Kids Off The Edge 6 of 10

    If you do opt for the lower tier, be sure that your kids don't climb on top of the ledge. Since the restaurant essentially moves at all times, they will end up taking a ride around the entire restaurant. The waiters are very diligent to make sure this doesn't happen, however if you have little climbers and you know they can't sit still, ask for a booth or seats in the upper tier.

    My little climber was secure in his highchair, so we didn't have any worries, but it's worth noting for those who plan on dining here.

  • Wine Cellar 7 of 10

    The wine cellar at 360 is officially The World's Highest Wine Cellar at 1151 ft high. It has been designed to resemble the traditional underground cellar and has its own humidity controls and redwood racks. It houses 9,000 bottles of wine including award-winning bottles that consist of over 550 International (and Canadian) wines.

  • Kids Meals 8 of 10

    My kids love their pasta and their ordering choices usually mirror that. The children's pasta at 360 is whole wheat (score!) and the sauce is deliciously smooth and full of flavor. No canned stuff here - all made from scratch. All three kids devoured their plates!

  • Veggie Platter 9 of 10

    There were so many different steak and seafood options however my husband opted for a pasta dish and I chose a platter of roasted vegetables with a baked potato. I certainly wasn't expecting this! Roasted red, green and yellow peppers, rapini, onions, corn on the cob and fennel filled my plate. There were a couple of sauces for dipping too. So delicious!

  • Dessert 10 of 10

    Last but not least - dessert! I (almost) refused, but when dining at the 360, you must have dessert! We decided on the Dark Chocolate Tower with summer berries served with raspberry coulis and vanilla crème Anglaise. H.E.A.V.E.N.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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