The Ultimate Disneyland Halloween Time Bucket List

During the Halloween season, Disneyland goes through an eerie and totally awesome transformation. On select dates from now until October 31, Mickey’s Halloween Party takes over Disneyland Park, making it not just the Happiest Place on Earth, but also the spookiest and sweetest. There are skull-encrusted candied apples, costumed characters in both guest and cast member form, and Disney Villains — lots and lots of villains!

There is so much happening during Mickey’s Halloween Party and you don’t want to miss any of it! So to help you navigate the best family Halloween party, like, ever, we’ve put together this handy-dandy guide to assist you in experiencing every magic moment.

Whether you do the entire list or just a fourth of it, one thing is for sure, your family will have an unforgettable time.


1. Watch the Pumpkin Masters

Watch the pumpkin masters do amazing carving at the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch.

2. Witness Halloween Screams

Stay up late to watch Halloween Screams — boo-tiful fireworks spectacular.

3. See the Cadaver Dans

Head down to the Rivers of America in New Orleans Square to be serenaded by the Cadaver Dans.

4. Find the Tiny Oogie Boogie

Search for a tiny Oogie Boogie turning the popcorn machine.

5. Find The Evil Queen

If she offers you an apple, just say no.

6. Count the Jacks in the Haunted Mansion

Count all the Jack Skellingtons that appear in the Haunted Mansion Holiday.

7. Eat a Candied Apple

Buy and devour a candied apple in the shape of Olaf, a pumpkin or a skeleton.

8. Conjure a Villain

Try your hand at conjuring a villain at the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch.

9. Visit Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy

Try not to be too frightened by the ghouls who appear in Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy.

10. Find Captain Hook

Find Captain Hook. Make a ticking sound and see if he runs away.

11. Go trick-or-treating

Hit as many trick-or-treat stations as you can. Make sure to share your candy.

12. Make a Mask

Make a mask at the craft table at the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch, bonus points if you do so with a character.

13. Dress in Costume

Have every member of your family dress up for Mickey’s Halloween Party, bonus points if you have a family theme.

14. Get Your Dessert On

Try as many of the specialty desserts at the restaurants as you can.

15. Get a Pirate League Makeover

Get a Pirate League Makeover and take the pirate’s oath.

16. Scream with Mike and Sulley

See how loud you can scream at the Monsters U Dance Party.

17. Find the Queen of Hearts

Find the Queen of Hearts, ask her why she wants all the roses red.

18. Find Jack Skellington and Sally

Get into the Christmas and/or Halloween spirit by posing with Jack Skellington and Sally.

19. Count the Elsas and Annas

Count how many Elsa costumes you see versus Anna. What did you see more of?

20. Find the Day of the Dead display

Pay tribute to the dearly departed at the Day of the Dead display.

21. Find the Halloween Tree

Find the Halloween Tree in honor of Ray Bradbury.

22. Pose in front of the giant pumpkin

Take a family photo in front of the giant Mickey pumpkin in the front of the park. Make a funny face.

23. Find Cruella De Vil

Find Cruella De Vil, but don’t get any furry fashion tips from her.

24. Watch the magic show

Watch the magic show at Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch, see if you can figure out how he conjured up those baby chicks or levitated that kid.

25. What are Mickey and Minnie wearing for Halloween?

Find out what Mickey and Minnie are wearing for Halloween during Mickey’s Costume Party Cavalcade.

26. Go the Haunted Mansion store

Go to the special Haunted Mansion store in New Orleans Square, if the spirit moves you, buy a special spooky souvenir.

27. Find the pumpkin people

Pose with one of the pumpkin people at the Scare-Dy-Crow Shack.

28. Get a Zero Doghouse

Get your popcorn in a deluxe Zero Doghouse.

29. Find your favorite Disney character in pumpkin form

Find your favorite Disney character in pumpkin form at the Partners statue.

30. See the villains say “farewell”

Try to stay at the park until they close and witness the villains say “farewell” at the Train Station.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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