Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade Is Not To Miss! Visual & Musical PROOF!

Disclosure: I visited Walt Disney World as their guest with the Traveling Mom Network. All thoughts, opinions, fan-girl comments and bragging rights belong to me alone (as always!).

We’ve been visiting Walt Disney World for the past three years and each and every time we arrive, I pour over the agenda and plan our day around the parades, just to be certain that we are on Main Street in time for the festivities. Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade is one event we had yet to experience, until last month that is. This magnificent sight takes place in the evening just before the Wishes! Fireworks show and around 30 minutes after.

TIP: Be sure to bring your stroller as kids tend to conk out during the show.

The parade originally made its debut in 1999 and then made an exit in 2001. Due to popular demand, Disney Parks decided to bring the Main Street Electrical Parade back and it made its return on June 6, 2010. Over 23 illuminated floats, 80 permormers and a trademark musical track makes up this glittering galaxy. It is one of the most incredible sights and a definite “must-do” while visiting WDW! Popcorn and snack vendors are located just off the Main Street and sell everything from drinks to snacks just before the event.

Well, I think that’s enough of my chit-chat. Watch the video  and click through for shots of this amazing parade!

  • Sights & Sounds From The Main Street Electrical Parade 1 of 11
    Click through for just some of the amazing sights you'll see on Disney's Main Street's Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World!

    Click through for just some of the glittering sights you'll see at the Main Street Electrical Parade as well as a few fun facts!

  • Tinker Bell Float 2 of 11
    Tinkerbell is the most recent addition to Disney's Electrical Parade. She waves while sitting in the basket of a balloon that floats above a magical garden.

    Tinker Bell's float is the newest addition to the parade, making its grand debut in 2010. Tink floats above a magical garden in the basket of a balloon. 

  • Fun Fact 3 of 11
    Did you know that this Tinker Bell float on its own has over 25,000 points of light and 75% off them are powered by an LED source?

    Fun Fact: There are over half a million lights in this parade, the Tinker Bell float on its own has more than 25,000 points of light and 75 percent are powered by an LED source!

  • Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs 4 of 11
    Over 80 performers appear in each presentation of this parade. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are so fun and interact with the audience as they dance their way through Main Street.

    We loved this float! Snow White waves as the Seven Dwarfs show off their mining treasures. 

  • Mushroom 5 of 11
    The Mushroom with butterfly and ladybug is part of the Alice in Wonderland series and is one of my all-time favourites.

    The Mushroom with Butterfly is part of the Alice in Wonderland series and one of my all-time favorite floats. It's just so pretty!

  • Peter Pan & Captain Hook 6 of 11
    Peter Pan and Captain Hook

    Peter Pan keeps Captain Hook at bay in the floating ship. 



  • Smee’s Boat 7 of 11
    Mr. Smee paddles his way through the procession in his famed boat.

    Following closely behind Peter Pan is Mr. Smee who enthusiastically waves to the crowd as he paddles by in his little row boat

  • Pete’s Dragon 8 of 11
    Elliott, Pete's Dragon comes in and out of the parade, blowing smoke through his nose. Really loved this one!

    Elliot the Dragon (From Pete's Dragon) is an amazing sight to behold. He makes his way in and out of the parade while blowing smoke out of his nose. 

  • Cinderella, Fairy Godmother & The Pumpkin Coach 9 of 11
    It's Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother! Both wave to the crowd while making their way through the procession.

    It's Cinderella! Did you know that all of these floats are battery-powered and more than 500 batteries supply the power for all audio, special effects and lighting? Amazing!

  • Dancing Mice 10 of 11
    Did you know that there are 11,000 lights located on the dancers costumes alone? The energy-efficient LED lights, allow for lighter costumes as some of the dancers wear just one battery pack now instead of two.

    Approximately 80 performers appear in each presentation of Disney's "Main Street Electrical Parade." These dressed up Mice are part of the Cinderella procession. 

  • To Honor America 11 of 11
    This shot is taken from the last float "Fireworks Finale". Dancing lords and ladies start the procession off which happens to also be the longest in the parade with seven cars that span 118 feet.

    The Fireworks Finale is the longest float in the parade and has seven cars that span 118 feet. 

    Fun Fact: There are 11,000 lights on the dancers' costumes alone!

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