This Mom Will Expertly Plan Every Last Detail of Your Next Disney Vacation

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At about 7 months pregnant with my third baby, I had a sudden stroke of inspiration: We would go to Walt Disney World! With two kids under two! With absolutely no planning whatsoever! In less than two weeks! During spring break! And it would be great!

It was not great.

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After an exhausting day at only one park and a 10PM princess dinner (the only one I could book after calling for two weeks straight), I realized in horror that the car rental place was on the opposite end of the park … and was about to close in 10 minutes. My husband and brother sprinted all the way across Magic Kingdom, weaving through the nightly parade and jumping over countless Mickey-eared children, only to discover that the rental place was closed and that I had somehow booked a car from an agency in a different city. By the time we realized we were out of options, it was nearing midnight. Swollen and more exhausted than I ever knew possible, I was holding two cranky kids with nowhere to go for the night.

It was then I realized that even a sudden burst of pregnancy inspiration could not save me from the disaster of a poorly planned family vacation. Little did I know, there was someone who could have actually booked and planned my entire trip for me.

Shelbi Moore is that someone. Not only did the expecting 26-year-old mother of one from Brighton, Michigan meet her future husband, Donald, 25, while the pair was interning at Walt Disney World, but she even got engaged at Magic Kingdom and married at the Disney’s Wedding Pavilion. Her love of Disney explains why, when her internship came to a close, Moore knew that she wanted to remain part of the Disney magic in some way.

The Disney fanatic did some research and found Magical Moments Vacation, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency, and signed on as a travel agent with them in 2012. Through her work with Magical Moments, Moore gets to do what she loves every day — plan Disney vacations for families.

While it may sound too good to be true, Moore assures us that it doesn’t cost a family anything extra to work with her — and there are many travel agents out there who provide the same services.

Moore is able to put her deep knowledge of the inner workings of Disney to good use for families who may feel a little overwhelmed with the planning (or are simply too busy to do it themselves). Because while Disney may be the most magical place on earth, planning a vacation to any destination is not always so magical. Moore completes yearly education classes with Disney Destinations to ensure that she is up-to-date on all of the latest properties, offers, promotions, and discounts.

Image Source: Shelbi Moore

Although Moore admits that she gets just as excited as her clients once she has booked a trip for them, she isn’t exactly living vicariously through them. The Disney-loving mama says she has been to Disney more times that she can count. She’s also taken two Disney Cruises, visited Disneyland, and attended special events like the D23 Expo in Anaheim.

And aside from the obvious perks of her job, Moore says her favorite part is simple: getting to share in the joy of the families who take the trip of a lifetime.

“The best part is when families are on vacation or just got back and they send me images and videos from their trip,” she says. “Getting to see that I helped a family make memories that will last forever just makes me beam with joy!”



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