Family Vacation Day Four: Boring.

Race Packet PickupWhile it may seem a good idea to pack as much fun as possible into a family vacation, I can attest that this is not always a good idea.  Day four will go down as one of the most boring, yet one of the most necessary. Day four was our transition from staying with Cody’s sister to staying in our room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disney World. Before we left the comforts of a real home I took the opportunity to do some laundry, make sure everyone was fed as well as they could be for free and leave as little evidence that my family of four had ransacked this single girl’s apartment for three days.

With Cody still incapacitated it was up to me to pack and load everything up, hooray! One of the biggest signals that Cody was still really sick? He didn’t even bat an eye when I had bell services help me bring up all of our luggage. Our room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge was amazing, the girls had bunk beds (which would be Vivi’s first time ever sleeping in a real bed) and we had all sorts of animals roaming around right outside our room. Vivi called them all cows and goats, she could generally be found either yelling or mooing at them from our balcony.

Since we were there for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend we took off to the expo to find race packets, last minute race gear, timing information and a to get a general feel of the entire weekend to come. The general feel for our family was slow and kind of cranky. After finding something everyone would eat for dinner we were all fast asleep by 8:30 — which if you think about it, is just the kind of vacation perk tired parents need. (It also didn’t take Vivi long to fall out of bed, twice.)

Family Vacation Tally Day Three:
Bodily Fluids: 0 (Total for the week: 3)
Crying Fits: 1 (Total for the week: 6)
Best! Day! Ever! Declarations: 0 (Total for the week: 0)
Tantrums: 0 (Total for the week: 2)
Things Eaten Off the Ground: 0 (Total for the week: 2)

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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