Family Vacation Day One: The 16 Hour Drive

unnamedQ: What does a long road trip look like on the driver?

A: <—That

Last night, in single digit temperatures, we loaded up our midsize SUV with what seemed like way too many suitcases and just enough snacks to make the 14-hour drive from Indianapolis to Orlando. Before we even hit the interstate, both little girls were fast asleep in the back, surrounded by blankets and their favorite stuffed animals. We were going to leave tonight, but a forecast that predicted endless amounts of snow convinced us we should leave while we could still see the lines on the road.

We made it to Kentucky around 11 PM, Tennessee around 1 AM and I woke up somewhere in Georgia around 4 AM. Kentucky and Tennessee are easy states to drive through, they’re skinny–which means if you’re going North to South you can get through them in two hours. Georgia on the other hand, Georgia is big. With this being my first time in Georgia outside the Atlanta airport I was a little off on my Peach State geography. I was certain Atlanta was in the middle and Macon was towards the bottom, man was I sad when I realized how wrong I was. My mistake gave us plenty of time to discuss the seedy reputation behind trucker spas.

The girls did really well, there were no meltdowns and even more importantly no bodily fluids went where they weren’t supposed to be. (There was a bit of a vomit scare from Vivi as we crossed into Florida, but it turns out it was just a really serious poop. TMI! YOU’RE WELCOME!)

Both Vivi and Addie were allowed to play with stuff in the car that is normally never allowed (iPads! MP3 players! Phones!) which meant we had novelty on our side. 20 minutes into the Sunshine State and we had to peel off layers and turn on the AC as the temperature outside instantly raised by 20 degrees. Around the same time we got a call from Addie’s school telling us that “Due to unsafe and extreme weather conditions, school will be closed tomorrow.”

After we went swimming, we sat outside and ate frozen yogurt. You know, the stuff you do for approximately two weeks out of the year in Indiana. Cody is bummed we’re not back home enjoying the snowfall, I on the other hand am SO HAPPY. Instead of being stuck inside for at least 3 days with two restless children and below zero temperatures we have almost endless options in front of us. (Gatorland! Legoland! Universal! Disney! SWIMMING POOLS, PARKS AND SUNSHINE!)

We’re here for race weekend at Disneyworld, Cody’s running the marathon on Sunday. Addie and Vivi have their own races this week as well, we made a deal with Addie that if she can finish her mile in under 8 minutes there will be a super sweet surprise at the end. Under 10? Moderate surprise. I’m just awfully excited to see Vivi take off on a dead run in her little sporty shorts.

Day one and the 14 hour drive (that was actually 16) is out of the way and we don’t have to worry about another big drive until next week. Until then it’s family fun and adventure. (I mean, after we sleep for a long, LONG sleep. OMG SO TIRED.)

Family Vacation Tally Day One:
Bodily Fluids: 0
Crying Fits: 1
Best! Day! Ever! Declarations: 0
Tantrums: 0
Things Eaten Off the Ground: 1

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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