Family Vacation Day Three: Similarities are Not Universal

universal orlandoDay three started at one of Florida’s hospitals, where Cody was taken back in a wheelchair because he could barely walk straight and was putting off a weird shade of green. The doctor looked him over for about five minutes and came to the conclusion that his ears were filled with fluid and he had a sinus infection which is what was causing his vertigo. Cody was so sick he didn’t even notice a double ear infection or sinus infection. Prescriptions were written, filled, taken and Cody was put back to bed. Before we left the doctor joked “Hey, no roller coasters today.” What she didn’t know is we actually had passes waiting for us at Universal Orlando for the day.

Once Cody was medicated and safely in bed I packed up the little girls for a chilly day at Universal Orlando. The last time I was at Universal Orlando I had pneumonia (only I didn’t know it yet) which means the only thing I enjoyed was a Butterbeer, mostly because it was the first thing I managed to keep down in 48 hours. I had made a mental checklist working up to this trip of rides I wanted to go on, but with Cody being sick and it being awfully chilly for Florida (high of 50) many of the rides simply weren’t options which was okay because here’s the first thing I learned about theme parks with toddlers…


Even if Cody had been with us and the weather had been a balmy 78 we still couldn’t have accomplished much in one day, we haven’t nicknamed Vivi ‘Pokey Little Puppy’ for no reason. Her first ride was the Woody Woodpecker roller coaster. SHE WAS A FAN! “Again?” she asked. The first time I took Addie on a roller coaster she cried and refused to go on it again. Even when Addie was bigger and I managed to get her on another roller coaster the ride still ended in tears. She’s not exactly an adventurous child when it comes to roller coasters, but hook her to a zip line and she’ll jump off just about anything. We winded our way over to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where there was a bigger roller coaster Vivi was able to go on called “Flight of the Hippogriff.” I was expecting tears at the end but she was all smiles and begging to go again.

So we went again. And again. And again.

flight of the hippogriff

Vivi rode that roller coaster six times in a row and the only reason we stopped is because my brain was having a hard time keeping up with the rest of my body after the fifth time on. Addie only rode it twice. Another huge difference between the two? Addie didn’t like Butterbeer (which, what?) while Vivi got sugar drunk off the stuff.

We made stops on Jurassic Park island where those little girls could have played all day, there was also a ride called the “pteranodon flyers” that looked easy enough, but once it started I was terrified Vivi was going to go flying out of her harness to her death. She on the other hand wanted to do it again.


The Dr. Seuss part of the park was popular with both girls, but by then the sun was setting, Vivi was tired and it was cold which means we quit while we were ahead. We made it home to Cody who was sitting upright but still looking awfully rough, going to Universal with us would have done him in forever.

New family goal? Go to Universal Orlando for longer than a few hours when all of us are healthy and the weather is warm. It’s a really cool park, I have friends who will only go to Universal Orlando when they visit Florida and while we’re not quite there yet, I can see why it’s their favorite.

More on the logistics of a big theme park like Universal with a toddler later, but for now? Day three was not a total loss for the girls.

Family Vacation Tally Day Three:
Bodily Fluids: 1 (Total for the week: 3)
Crying Fits: 0 (Total for the week: 5)
Best! Day! Ever! Declarations: 0 (although I did get one Best! Mom! Ever!
Tantrums: 0 (Total for the week: 2)
Things Eaten Off the Ground: 0 (Total for the week: 2)

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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