Family Vacation Day Two: Vertigo and Vomit

girls in floridaDay two! Free day to hang out and enjoy whatever Orlando has to offer before heading off to Universal tomorrow and Disney World the day after that.

Only it wasn’t.

I mean, it kind of was. You see, Cody has a terrible case of vertigo (which is another one of those things I thought people made up, like anxiety and pneumonia — until I ended up with both.) I haven’t seen Cody this sick in a long, long time. He slept (or stayed still) for 95% of the day while I attempted to entertain the little girls. First we went to a little park, but thanks to Florida and all the humidity the slides were all water slides and everyone walked away with a very wet spot on their butt. Next we tried to do lunch and another park, lunch was successful — the park had some issues. After ending up in a very dodgy part of town I realized I put ‘street’ instead of ‘road’ into my GPS. Once corrected we ended up at a lovely park with a playground and gardens that made my kids squeal with glee.

Until Vivi went wonky on a slide and busted her lip.

After some hugs, kisses, and bunny snuggles we were back in business (aside from the terrible tantrums caused by Vivi’s refusal to nap.)

After I tucked the little girls in, Cody came out long enough to eat something (which didn’t work out so well) then went back to bed. We’ll be headed to the hospital in the morning. So, day two. Not the best, but also not the worst considering the -47 degree windchill temperature back home right now.

Family Vacation Tally Day Two:
Bodily Fluids: 2 (Total for the week: 2)
Crying Fits: 4 (Total for the week: 5)
Best! Day! Ever! Declarations: 0
Tantrums: 2 (Total for the week: 2)
Things Eaten Off the Ground: 1 (Total for the week: 2)

Day One Here.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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