Get an “Eiffel Tower” Postmark on Your Postcards!

Get an "Eiffel Tower" Postmark on Your Postcards! Photo Credit: Gabrielle Blair
Get an “Eiffel Tower” Postmark on Your Postcards! Photo Credit: Gabrielle Blair

PARIS, France — Did you know that postcards can be mailed from the top of the Eiffel Tower? Even better, your postcards can be postmarked with ” Le Tour Eiffel,” too?

It seems as if there are always daunting crowds stranded at the grand entrance of the Tower, waiting to purchase their tickets to ascend the most famous landmark in Paris.  But we beat the masses on my recent visit to the Tower with my kids in tow.  Only  when we had our tickets in hand did the throngs gather. We could see them as we climbed the 1,710 stairs to the Tower’s 2nd floor landing.

A bit out-of-breath from hiking up all of those stairs, I realized I’m not getting any younger. I needed to take a break and hydrate.  At that point, I noticed several folks were sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee from a counter on the 2nd floor and were busily writing postcards.  I wanted to join in the fun, too.

I ordered a coffee and mentioned to the sales girl in the 2nd floor gift shop that I wanted to write postcards to my friends from the Eiffel Tower, but didn’t have any stamps.  The gift shop gal turned around and told me, “Not a problem. I can do it all here.” She showed me the coolest-ever postmark that I have ever seen: ” La Tour Eiffel.”

In fact, this is the only place in Paris that will give your postcards the postmark ” La Tour Eiffel.”  And there is only one mailbox for you to deposit your postcards on the 2nd floor landing, so take advantage of this service where you can.

And remember: There are 1, 710 stairs to get up to the 2nd floor landing of the Eiffel Tower, but sending your friends and family members postcards with ” La Tour Eiffel” stamped on them is worth every step.  Although it may not be as spectacular as a view from the top of the Tower, one of those postcards is sure to impress the recipient.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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