How One Flight Attendant’s Story Opened My Eyes About the Skies

This morning I woke up and turned on The Moth Radio Hour, and while all the stories are usually pretty entertaining, they had one today that especially stood out to me. It was a story told by flight attendant, Faye Lane. Faye describes in vivid detail how her naturally friendly personality landed her this job, and how her perspective of it quickly changed once she started. I’d describe it all to you, but I think it’s probably best to let her do the talking. What I will mention are a few points she made that really stood out to me…

1. We’re Not Just a Uniform

One of the points she made was that many passengers tend to forget there’s a person behind the uniform. I’ve never outright ignored a flight attendant, but I do think that I can get so caught up in just getting to the destination that I forget to truly thank them for their service. The flight attendant is the one making sure I’m comfortable while flying, that I have enough water to drink, that I don’t get injured by not strapping on my seatbelt during turbulence, and the one who I’ll ultimately turn to if something terrible was to happen. After hearing her make this point I realized it’s important to go the extra step to give them the credit they deserve.

2. We Are Here to Help

Faye made a great point that flight attendants usually say thank you when you hand them your wad of trash. Your trash! That means it could be your food covered containers, germ-filled cups and tissues, and pretty much anything you decide you want to get rid of. Do you think you could go every day saying thank you to hundreds of people as they hand you their garbage? I think it’s more important that we stop to say, “No. Thank you!

3. We Are All in This Together

At the end of the story Faye describes some of the most stunning sights she’s seen while in the skies. She talks about people she has met while traveling and how her assumptions of them often took her completely by surprise when she realized who they really were. She talks about looking out the window to see majestic sights, like the Grand Canyon, and fireworks from above. Her story comes full circle and she points out that we are all part of a greater community made up of individual stories that we should not lose sight of. I think this hit home the most. It was a reminder that no matter where I am, in the sky or on the ground, the people I come in contact with every day have their own stories, and it’s us all together that make the world such a beautiful and eccentric place.

Check out Faye’s complete story on The Moth.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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