Italy, Family-Style: 36 Hours in Rome with Kids

ROME, Italy — I wanted to be slightly indulgent and embrace the beauty of Italy’s magnificent capital, Rome with you. After all, when the kids lose interest in the sights of the Eternal City, it offers them their all-time favorite food groups to consume: pizza, pasta, and ice cream.

  • Public Bus or an Open-Air Tourist Bus 1 of 9
    Enjoy a double decker bus ride. Get up close

    Hop on just about any public bus or an open-air tourist bus that sits in front of the Roman Coliseum. In fact you can ride all over town on a bus and see several popular sites. Get the lay of the land, then decide what you would like to see and do after your bus ride. Photo Credit: Ann Weeks



  • Old-Fashioned Barber Cut 2 of 9
    ROME Barber Shop

    Make room in your day's budget for a traditional and old-fashioned barber cut. Try to find an older gentleman barber because they love to treat their young clientele like kings. During our recent Italian trip, we discovered that the older generation in Italy loves the bambinos. 

    Photo Credit: Ann Weeks



  • Knights-in-Armor Jousting 3 of 9
    Rome attend a jolsting event around town

    Knights-in-armor jousting, two men-at-arms using lances in combat, can be found at events and parades all over Italy during the summer months. Or you can find an event near you by checking out this site.



  • Weddings 4 of 9
    Rome Enjoy a wedding anytime of the day

    Of course, weddings can be found all over Italy during the summer months too. It's best not to invade private wedding parties, but you might ask the kids to keep track of the number of weddings that they witness while visiting Italy for fun. 

    At the end of the trip, you can even award a prize to the child who counted the most amount of weddings.

    Photo Credit: Ann Weeks



  • Ice Cream, Pasta, and Pizza 5 of 9
    Rome enjoy all the ice cream optins

    Didn't I mention that Italy's favorite food groups can be found all over town? And who could ever be in a hurry to eat Italian favorites? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Simply relax, and enjoy.



  • Let’s Not Forget about Dad 6 of 9
    Rome even Dad get into the fun while in town

    Even Dad can find the time to relax and enjoy the playground!

  • Ice Cream Face 7 of 9
    ROme forget about washing the ice cream faces while in Rome...

    And don't bother to wipe off the evidence of any kind of ice cream on anyone's face. Chances are that the next round of Italy's favorite food groups will be just around the corner.


  • Animal Statues 8 of 9
    Rome Kids tend to get a bit more daring...

    Artwork can be found all over town. And kids can have fun with statues and the like. Ask them to pick out their favorites. For instance, fountains with animal statues can be spotted in just about every piazza around Italy.



  • Admire Artists 9 of 9
    Rome Observe artists at work 1

    Don't be surprised that kids can appreciate artwork and admire artists. If you have a chance to stumble upon the real deal, the children might be intrigued to watch an artist at work. After all, you're in Italy, home to some of the world's most famous art and artists. 

    Photo Credit: Ann Weeks

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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