This 2-Year-Old Venting About a Talkative Airplane Passenger Is Hilariously Accurate

mila stauffer
Image source: Katie Stauffer

From the tykes that took over CNN to the musical talents of Claire Ryann, there is no shortage of incredible kids on the web. At 2 years old, Mila Stauffer is in the running for the funniest person I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Her mom Katie Stauffer has been sharing hilarious videos of her sassy daughter and I simply cannot get enough. Her latest viral rant? Chatty passengers on planes. It’s so relatable — and hilarious coming from a toddler.

Mila cracks me up with one-liners like, “Well, it happened. On the plane, I got in my seat … right by Chatty Cathy,” and “Who’s your favorite princess? THE ONE I’M TRYING TO WATCH ON THE iPAD!” Apparently, I’m not the only one giggling from her antics, as this latest video has 10M views, 129K likes, and 193K shares on Facebook. Not to mention the 1.4M views it received on Instagram. Not bad for a 2-year-old.

We caught up with Mila’s mom to learn more about how these videos started coming about. She explains, “It all started when Mila would tell us these amazing stories that she made up. She was SO dramatic … then we started filming them.”

Spoiler: the stories Mila tells aren’t always real. Stauffer confesses, “Sometimes we say ‘tell us a story’ and then we see what comes of it. If we need her to say a few things to make it all come together we certainly do … at two she already says she wants to be an actress.”

Honestly, she’d be perfect for the biz. She has such emotion in her little speeches I could easily see her wowing the world on the big screen.

Seeing the videos go viral has been a really cool bonus for the family of seven (Mila has four siblings, including her twin sister Emma). Stauffer notes, “Some of the comments are a bit hard to take, but these people don’t see what it’s like at home. It’s literally a funny family video that we would share with whoever liked it … the fact that she loves it makes it even better.”

mila stauffer
Image source: Katie Stauffer

At the end of the day, Stauffer is sharing Mila’s funny stories to make the world a little brighter. “That’s what it was really all about. Just to make people laugh and feel good, which I think a lot of people need these days,” she says.

Whatever Mila is doing — it’s certainly working. Keep the laughs coming, ladies!


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