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Hello friends, nice to meet you. I’m Jaime Morrison Curtis and I’ve been traveling since I was about 19. I took my first international trip in 1997 with $500 in my pocket and no hotel reservations – it was to Prague and Berlin. How young and foolish that seems now! I can still remember the exact view of the snow on czeck rooftops, yet I did get robbed by a taxi driver… but luckily all worked out OK, and I fell in love with wanderlust. After that, I did my young-person-with-no-money best to hit the road every chance I got. Several day jobs offered me the opportunity to travel across almost the entire United States (Hi Idaho, I still haven’t met you!), and in my spare time I found cheap off-season flights to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, and more.

Then I had a baby, and for a few years my desire to travel took a back seat to my desire to sleep. But it turns out my kid likes to travel too, and does well on long plane trips and thrives in foreign locales (lucky me!), so we started traveling again. Here on Babble Travel I plan to share with you those experiences where girls’ getaways, solo adventure travel, and family travel meet. Here are some highlights from the world experience I have been able to cobble together with a meager budget of both time and money thus far in my 35 years on this little planet (it really is so little, isn’t it?)…

  • Rule #1: Maintain Ground Contact 1 of 11
    Rule #1: Maintain Ground Contact
    This is Jacinda and I. We are BFFs, but not like TV BFFs who fight all the time and compete for the best mom award, like real BFFs who spoon and talk real talk about each other's double chins or awesome life accomplishments. It's no joke. Whether you plan to travel solo or not, we suggest your acquire one of these first, so you have one phone number memorized that you can call from a foreign prison, or at least for a ride from the airport.
    We run a business together, it's called Prudent Baby.
  • Get Rich Quick In Just One Weekend 2 of 11
    Get Rich Quick In Just One Weekend
    Jacinda is my best friend and business partner. We are also partners in crime, and when we can escape our kids, partners in travel as well. Last year we went to Italy together and answered one of life's great questions: How to get rich in just one weekend.
    Learn how to get rich quick in our video, and get our Dolce Vita guide to Tuscany and Umbria here: Get Rich Quick: A Girl's Weekend Guide.
  • Meet the Prudent Families 3 of 11
    Meet the Prudent Families
    I live in Los Angeles. Jacinda used to live here, but then she moved to Washington DC. Then she moved to San Diego, but also I moved there so that was okay. But then I moved back to LA, and she moved to Texas. That blew. But every now and then she comes back for a visit. I have one kid, she has three. This is what happens when our families collide.
  • Fill Your Heart in Jordan 4 of 11
    Fill Your Heart in Jordan
    The greatest ten days of my life thus far (and possibly forevermore), were the ten days my husband, 3-year-old daughter, Scarlet, and I spent touring the most magical and amazing country of Jordan. See what a perfect middle east experience with kids is like in our video here and get the pictures and details that will sweep you off your feet in our post A Jordan Itinerary with Kids.
  • Vaca with Kids: Crafting Community 5 of 11
    Vaca with Kids: Crafting Community
    Getting away for the weekend from LA as always involved a trip to Palm Springs, for more years than I care to remember. But since Scarlet was born I usually getaway solo. We had the chance to bring her to the desert for an amazing crafting vacation together. You should find a local one for your kids.
    Check it out on my post Crafting Community Vacation.
  • Crafty Tourism 6 of 11
    Crafty Tourism
    I consider myself somewhat of an expert on "what stuff to buy" when traveling… you don't want to collect crap, you want examples of local craftsmanship that you can display in your home to remind you of the wonderful experience of your immersion in local culture, that don't exploit local artisans. With my concurrent love of all things textile-related, my visit to the state of Chiapas was a fantasy come to life.
    Learn all about local textiles and how to find folk craft from local artisans on my post Crafty Tourism: Mayan Mexico Edition.
  • I Left My Heart In… 7 of 11
    I Left My Heart In...
    Getting away with just the significant other is always a challenge/borderline impossible, but we make it work by dropping Scarlet with our in laws in Sacramento and heading back to our old college stomping grounds, Berkeley and the East Bay.
    Leave your heart in San Francisco with a Bay Area itinerary for two at Prudent Baby
  • Our 1% Weekend 8 of 11
    Our 1% Weekend
    My husband and I don't get out much together these days, but he does have a friend with a plane. He took us away for one weekend to live like the 1%.
    Get the full scoop on our 1% weekend (and my husband's infamous terrible hat) at Prudent Travel.
  • Like A… 9 of 11
    Like A...
    2011 was an awesome year for the Curtis family, one highlight of which was sending Scarlet off to "Camp Meemah" with her grandparents while Carleton and I hit St. Thomas and St. John in the US Virgin Islands all by our lonesomes. Romance ensued.
    Get the full scoop on the US Virgin Islands at my post No Passport to Paradise.
  • Let’s Go to Mexico 10 of 11
    Let's Go to Mexico
    I have a goal to experience all seven wonders of the modern world before I am 40. I'm getting closer after seeing Chichen Itza last year. Bonus points for this adventure coming with Mexican hospitality and the best food the world has to offer.

    Experience a whole new way of looking at the yucatan peninsula through my take on the Riveria Maya.
  • The World I’ve Seen 11 of 11
    The World I've Seen
    These are all the places I have been. It felt like a lot before I made this graphic. Now I feel like there is so much more world to see and I'm like half my life older than when I started and how will I ever see it all..gah..panic…

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