Pack by Color: 7 Color Schemes to Make Packing Easier

Every time I go on a trip I tend to pack at the very, very last minute and end up a with a collection of clothes that don’t go together at all. For some reason, in my head when I’m packing, it all makes sense — until I get to the destination and realize I have a lot of staple pieces and no basics. I once heard a great way to pack is by choosing a color scheme. I’ve given this a try and have had a ton of success.

The thing about packing by color is that you are sure that everything will go together. You won’t find yourself with a bunch of staple pieces you’ll quickly find won’t work, and it’s a great way to lower the amount of clothes you’ll bring. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite color schemes to travel with and have shared them here.

Check them out in Pack by Color: 7 Color Schemes to Make Packing Easier…

  • Shades of Blue 1 of 7

    Go for a collection of different shades of blue you can mix and match. Incorporate jewelry with colors to change up your look.
    Photo via Anthropologie.

  • Blue, White, and Gray 2 of 7

    Go for a simple color scheme of blue, white, and gray. You can vary it with different shades of the color. This also allows you to incorporate jeans, which can making packing a whole lot easier since you can wear them more than once.
    Photo via GAP.

  • Denim and Coral 3 of 7

    With spring coming up, you can add a hint of spring coral to your denim outfits and brown shoes. Bring a chambray button-down top that can look great with a pair of brown skinny jeans and coral flats. Incorporating an accessory like this hat is a way you can add color to each outfit easily. 
    Photo via Madewell.

  • Black, White, and Brown 4 of 7

    This color scheme is great for traveling because it also easily allows you to bring basics for nights out on the town. Bring a pair of solid black jeans to wear with white t-shirts and cute white shorts if it's warm out.

    Photo via Madewell.

  • Earth Tones 5 of 7

    Bring your favorite earth tone tops, jeans, and jackets. There's an array of earth tones to choose from if you prefer not to go with a style that just includes three colors. Earth tones are also travel-friendly since they can camouflage dirtiness that comes along with going from place to place or being outdoors.
    Photo via Anthropologie.

  • Yellows and Blues 6 of 7

    If you prefer to go for lively and bright colors, stick with yellows and blues. You can mix in whites and grays easily into this look and you'll always be looking bright and cheery. This an especially great look when you're traveling to places with warm weather. Keep your eye out for a blue and yellow maxi dress that won't get wrinkled in your bag and a sturdy pair of blue jeans. 
    Photo via Old Navy.

  • Red, White, and Blue 7 of 7

    A classic color combination to travel with that is extremely versatile is red, white, and blue. There are ways to work around this style that also won't make you feel like an American flag all the time. Find tops that have a hint of each color in them and bring a couple pairs of jeans to change out. 
    Photo via Anthropologie.

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

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