15 Gorgeous Maps to Keep Track of Your Family’s Travels

Globes, maps, atlases, I collect them all. My favourite one is a vintage old world map that I bought years and years ago. We had it mounted and it sits in my little office. The kids point to various locations and love to ask, “Have we been there, Mama?”

Last month, while searching for directions on Google Maps and looking at the pinned Point A. and Point B., I had a lightbulb moment. What if we were to purchase a map and instead of having it mounted, pin it on a piece of cork board, pinning the location of every city that we visit as a family?

The kids are on board and so is my husband. Now to choose a map…

Here are 15 of my favourite maps that are perfect for playing “Pin the Country.” They are also great art pieces and work well with just about any decor, so if you have a library or an office, these will be a pleasant addition.

  • Antique Map, Orbis Terrarum 1 of 10

    Ancient maps are works of art in themselves. This one shows either side of the globe and yes, it's definitely missing quite a few updated names, but if you're not too fussy about details and care more about the location, it's a great map choice. 

    Prices range from $22.99 to $229.99 depending on the size you choose. 

    Buy it now through Art.com 

  • 1951 World Map 2 of 10

    This is the very first World Map that National Geographic posted following WWII. It's what you would call a classic. This particular map is available as a wall mural, which is made from a laminated photographic paper panel (stain-resistant and wipes clean). 

    Price: $143.99 from Art.com 

  • Typographic Text World Map 3 of 10

    I adore this unique Typographic Text World map. Granted, the pinning would be a guessing game when it comes to cities, but it looks uber-cool! 

    Price: $34.99 through Art.com 


  • World Map 4 of 10

    This world map print has a gorgeous background to add additional glam to your home. I like it because although it has a touch of a vintage feel, it's still sharp and modern.   

    Buy it now through Art.com

  • National Geographic’s Map 5 of 10

    Leave it to National Geographic to create "the ultimate" map. I love the colors on this one and if you're after accuracy, this is one of the best maps around. 

    Prices range from $28.99 to $287.99. 

    Buy it now through Art.com

  • Watercolor Map 6 of 10

    The ultimate in artsy! This print is simply mesmerizing with the vivid water-colours. The neutral background make each and every one of the shades pop! Prices range from $22.99 to $228.99 depending on the size you choose.

    Buy it now through Art.com 

  • DIY World Map 7 of 10

    Looks like I'm not the only one with this "idea" as EcoMonster on Etsy has created a DIY World Travel Map Kit with everything you need to make your own pinning board. The kit includes a world map measuring 19.5 x 27.5" and 50 white pins as well as several flag templates for you to make yourself. 

    Price: $21.03 through Etsy.com 

  • For The Kids 8 of 10

    Bright, colorful and FUN! This map is perfect for kids and gives you such a great visual. The original was done in pencil and watercolor before being reproduced on kodak satin poster paper. Marley Ungaro has several other map prints that are simply stunning and great for children's rooms and/or nurseries. 

    Price: $35.60 through Etsy.com

  • Peel-n-Stick Map 9 of 10

    If you don't mind adding pins to your wall or basement's wall, you may want to consider these map decals. Simply peel and stick!

    Price: $47.84 through Etsy.com


  • Shabby Chic Distressed Map 10 of 10

    This is kind of neat. Instead of backing the map with cork, you can pin it onto these wooden panels. The wood is nice and soft so it will accept thumb tacts if you want to use it as a push pin map. I like the colors on this particular design, but the seller has plenty of others to choose from. 

    Price: $228.41 through Etsy.com 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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